Monday, February 17, 2014

Stuff You Eat After Being Snowed In All Week

I did not leave my house for the first ELEVEN days of February. If I had known that was going to happen when I was out on the last day of January, I probably would have done some serious stocking up on groceries. However, as I mentioned a few posts ago, we got a totally random snowstorm and I became a hermit. (I don't drive in snow/ice if it's at all possible to avoid it thanks to a horrible experience several years ago. There were a couple of days within those 11 where the roads were halfway decent and I probably could have made it out, but I wasn't that desperate yet.)

Towards the end of my snowed in phase, I started running out of good things to eat and got desperate for something different. Anything different. I went up to poke around my kitchen one night and came across the box of food that Plateful Co-Op had sent me about a week prior as a promotion for Target's Breakfast Twist project, which highlights ways to put creative but simple twists on everyday breakfast foods. Target is rad so I obviously accepted the box of things they sent me with joy, but I had no idea what/if I was going to write about them. After over a week of not being able to shop, though, I was pretty thrilled to have a box of food that I'd almost forgotten about!

I ended up grabbing these three things from the box:

At first I just grabbed the peanut butter, with plans to just attack the jar with a spoon because I'm totally civilized like that. But then the apple stuff caught my eye, so I thought I'd do some kind of twist on a PB and J type of thing. Then I grabbed the Nutella just for good measure. Nutella is always a good idea.

(BTW, I hope these tiny little packets are NOT the actutal suggested serving size of Nutella. If so, I have been doing it very, very wrong for like 15 years.)

So tiny!
After I decided to go with the peanut butter and apple thing, I realized I had no bread, so I ended up eating them on a toasted hamburger bun half. I really wish I was kidding about that.

I own an embarrassing number of plastic spoons from Orange Leaf. They're awesome for spreading stuff on other stuff, though!

Holy crap, you guys, it was so good! I probably never would have picked up the apple stuff on my own, but it is amazing. I originally assumed it was sauce since it was in a pouch, but it's also got actual chunks of apple and cherry in there. My nearby Targets don't carry these yet (I looked them up and found out that they're super new), but I hope they do soon!

I made this slightly more photogenic version of my snack a couple of days later when I had actual bread:

I said slightly more photogenic.

So check it out, am I totally a food blogger now? Do I get a book deal for my own cookbook? This whole "peanut butter on bread" stuff is pretty groundbreaking! (Although I still call shenanigans on anyone who claims to regularly use Nutella in recipes instead of just eating big blobs straight from the jar like a normal person.)

General Mills provided me with the free products and information through Plateful Co-Op, but I was not otherwise compensated for this post. Just a girl appreciating some free peanut butter when winter sucks.

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