Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday... Something?


I just went to type the title of this post and realized that I don't even like the title "Tuesday Tell All". I've been using it because it's one of those thing I've seen a lot (kind of like Wordless Wednesday), but I don't think it fits me. But I do like doing random, babbling blog posts about this and that on Tuesdays, so I need to come up with a new name. Any ideas?

Anyway! Here's what's up, what I'm digging lately, blah blah blah:

*In my quest to make money to move back to Florida, I actually signed up to be a mystery shopper. I've only done three jobs so far, but it's kind of fun! The three I've done so far have been for fast food places, which has been interesting since I almost never eat fast food (it's just not in my budget - how sad is that?). Three fast food meals in a week when you're used to maybe one a month is a little overwhelming. Definitely need to space those out! The only thing I don't like about them is that they generally don't let you do special orders - ie if you order a cheeseburger, you're not allowed to ask for no ketchup. Blehhhh. (It's entirely possible that my cats were gifted 5 nuggets of chicken after I ate one to test quality. Om nom nom.)

The pay isn't much, but at this point anything helps! And I'm super excited that once I'm back in Orlando, they have shops available at my favorite grocery store! That means a small amount of free groceries, plus getting paid to go there. Score!

*In a note that is in noooooooo way related to my previous bullet point (*cough cough*), I've been pretty addicted to green tea from Sonic lately. Until last week, (when I went there for totally random purposes, as one does) I didn't even know they had green tea. The first time I went, I ordered a peach-mango flavored green tea and it was spectacular. The second time I got cherry, since I'm obsessed with Xing Tea's cherry green tea and haven't been able to find it in like a year. That one was meh. Needed at least one more pump of cherry. Do you think it would totally confuse them if I ordered a double-cherry tea? Possibly?

 It will probably be a couple of weeks before I go back (I mean, not like I'm going there on any kind of schedule or anything), but I'm already pondering my next move. Blackberry, maybe? Do I even like blackberry flavored things? No idea.

*I was reading a fashion blog recently where the blogger spent $24 to get a really cute dress shortened (which made it look awful, but that's a whole other topic). Is this seriously something that people do? Hemming that dress couldn't have taken more than 20 minutes tops, I can't imagine paying someone to do it. I totally understand the concept of paying for tailoring, but... it's a hem! Reading that post made me think I should start offering alteration services. I will happily take 20 minutes of my day to pin and sew a single seam in exchange for what I'd make working at Disney for like 3 hours. Arrgh.

*I don't think I mentioned it here, but about 3 weeks ago I made the dumb mistake of trying to break up a cat fight and got a kitty claw through my fingernail. I'll spare you the icky details, but it's still super gross looking, and I just want it to get better so I can paint my nail again! Any tips for getting it to heal quicker?

*I have so many half-written posts in my drafts folder! I think that my goal for the rest of this week is to finish a bunch of them up. Feel free to nag me!

*I don't think that I ever mentioned on the blog that I have Instagram now! You can follow my personal account here, and the account for the blog here! I haven't posted much yet, but I promise to be more interesting eventually!

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