Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tuesday Tell All #4

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have SO MUCH rambling to do today! Get some coffee and get comfortable!

*First of all... hey, did you guys happen to notice that it is winter?

I am totally over it. I checked the weather on Saturday night, and it said that there might be some snow showers on Sunday. Instead, I woke up to this.

WTF?? We got something like 4-6" that day. I went into a mild state of panic because I was low on coffee and cat food and other such essentials to life, but luckily the roads were good enough yesterday to make it out for supplies. Today, however... more ice and snow. It is actually so bad that the MO Dept. of Transportation is asking people to just stay home.

Snowy crash in Branson

This was Branson on Sunday. I feel so bad for people that got stuck away from home - it was clear in the morning, and then around 9 am the snow started, and by about an hour later travel was impossible. 

Highway 13 west of Branson

This pic is from about 10 minutes away from my house. (Don't worry, I didn't take photos driving. You couldn't pay me enough to get out in that stuff. Both of these photos are from this news story.). 

I have been checking the forecast, and it looks like the next day that it will actually be above freezing is Feb 12th. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

*On Saturday (the day before all the snow, thankfully) a vet clinic about 45 minutes from me did a special day where you could get male kitties neutered and given a rabies shot for $22 each. I've been needing to get some of my boys done for ages (Seriously, Bear turns 2 in May!) but it seems like every time I've had any spare cash at all, something has come up, so this was perfect! It was actually originally scheduled for the beginning of December, but they had to reschedule due to weather. Bear, Sam, Grem and Ten got smooshed into kitty carriers and off they went. I spent a couple of hours in that whole "OMG, my babies are at the vet and getting surgery and I am freaking out and can they please come home now?" state of freaking out. I know that neutering is about the most routine surgery possible, but still, putting the lives of your loved little fluffy ones into someone else's hands is terrifying.

Kitties came home in the early afternoon, still pretty groggy from the anesthesia and sporting fabulous new bikini waxes. I was torn between laughing and crying - little cats stumbling around like they're drunk is simultaneously heartbreaking and pretty funny. Poor Sam peed *everywhere* in his carrier on the way home, but all he wanted when I let him out was to be held, so I sat there with a urine-soaked cat in my lap for a good 20 minutes. Grem was SUPER groggy, so I left him in his carrier for about an hour after they got home until the point when he started trying to get out. When I let him out, I noticed that his ear looked smooshed and I figured he'd been sleeping with his head against the carrier door for too long.

Nope. It was gone.

Vets will sometimes clip the tip of a stray or feral cat's ear to show they've been neutered. This was an option on the paperwork where they went, but we very clearly said NO. Somehow, they got screwed up and did poor Gremmy's ear anyway. I haven't got a better photo yet, but approximately the top 1/3 of his ear is totally gone.

I. Am. Not Happy.

I get that they were dealing with a large volume of cats that day, but in general, when you send your cat to the vet you kind of expect him to come home with all of his body parts, ya know? And this isn't like "Oops! We gave him flea medicine when it wasn't requested." It's not like ears grow back. Gremmy is a cute enough little gremlin to pull off the Van Gogh look, but he's going to have lopsided ears forever now. That is SO NOT OKAY. I don't even know what to do about it. I plan to call the vet office and at least let them know that they royally screwed up, but the snow has meant that there's no way they've been open since then. And it sucks, because I would have had such a good impression of them from the fact that they did a low cost neutering day, but this totally changes my opinion. If the vet or vet techs can be this careless about Grem's ear, what else are they not paying attention to? It's scary. What would you guys do?

*Since I'm doing pretty much anything legal to save up some extra cash to move back to Florida, I signed up to be a mystery shopper. Most of the jobs for it that have been available in my area are fast food shops, which means you go to the fast food restaurant and make note of things like how long it takes to get your order, if the food is put together neatly, served hot, etc. They don't pay much ($5-10 plus reimbursement for your food), but every little bit helps, right? Plus, free food!

However, I've been totally bummed that I've already had to reschedule my first job TWICE! Originally I was supposed to eat somewhere on Saturday between 11:15 and 1:45 pm. I totally forgot that Saturday was also vet trip day when I accepted that one, but I figured there was very little chance that they would fall into the same time frame. HA! Murphy's law! The cats needed to be dropped off at 11 and picked up at 1, and the vet's office was about 45 minutes from my house. Since Saturday was out, I rescheduled it for Sunday, but then I woke up to the many inches of snow you saw above. I've now re-rescheduled that one for the 15th, but I'm also scheduled to do one at a different place this week - chances are still totally up in the air on if I'll make that, depending on if I can ever make it out of my driveway!

*Finally, I will confess here that I didn't watch the Super Bowl, but the very best part of that day was the new U2 song! If you missed it, they did a thing where they released their new song for free on iTunes for 24 hours, and for every download Bank of America (who I usually hate) donated $1 to (RED). Pretty awesome. I read that they did 2 10-hour days of filming the performance part of the video. I would have killed to have been one of the 1500 audience people for that! TEN HOURS of U2. I wouldn't even care that it was the same song the whole time. I'd just be making googly-eyes at Edge and dying of happiness.

There's a longer version of the video where Bono talks about the evolution of the lyrics, but I can't find it. This gets me totally craving another tour! I really miss my tour buddies!

Are there any Superbowl commercials that I missed that I should check out? I know about the Budweiser one, since it was filmed in Winter Park (just north of Orlando), but other than that I'm totally in the dark. Suggestions?


Sharon said...

I don't have pets, but if the vet had clipped my pet's ear without my permission, I'd be pretty livid. You NEED to let them know about this. Don't delay. Send an email, leave them a voicemail, send up a smoke signal or whatever, and say you need to speak to them about what happened. Be nice but firmly tell them that what they did was not acceptable, since you had clearly said no. Hopefully they'll be apologetic at the very least.

Oh, and the only commercial that I remember seeing here in Canada was the David Beckham H&M one. Rowr! We don't get the majority of them on our channels, which is so stupid. But at least there's youtube so I can watch the ones that sounded interesting. :)

Jackie said...

Poor Gremmy. He is probably still traumatized :(

Internet reviews of this vet are needed so that the vet will recognize the gravity of his/her carelessness and so that future patrons are warned of their inexcusable incompetence. I'd copy and paste what you wrote in your blog - here's some suggestions:

www.google.com has a comment and star rate system