Sunday, March 02, 2014

Milan Fashion Week Favorites - Part 1

The Oscars are on tonight, and I'm pretty excited because a) pretty dresses and b) U2 are performing! (Squee!) Until then, I'm taking a little time to catch up on Milan Fashion Week. I've barely scratched the surface of looking at shows, and I'm already totally blown away. Here are my favorites so far!

OMG, this Alberta Ferretti collection, y'all. That dress? Those are feathers. All of it. She did such an impressive job of evoking her forest inspiration in a non-literal way. (Well, mostly non-literal. She did go all hipster and put a bird on a lot of things.) The overall earthiness appealed to my hippie sensibilities.

Her use of this design/fabric was one of my favorite things. This one feels like moonlight on water to me.

Sure, Macklemore may have asked what you know about rockin' the wolf on your noggin, but the question at this Antonia Marras show seems to be more about rockin' the wolf on your skirt. Or your dress.

Or your super weird oversized sweater. You know how Mrs. Weasley always sent the boys sweaters for Christmas at Hogwarts? Do you think that this is the kind of thing that Lupin's mom sent when he was in school?

Sometimes I just like to post pictures of pretty dresses. This one is by Blumarine. (Given how cold it has been lately, how much would you LOVE to have a giant cape thing like this to wrap up in?!)

I also absolutely love this look (also Blumarine) - just everything about how it comes together. The lines hit her body perfectly, but it has that casual "Oh, I just wrapped this pretty fabric around my waist" effortless vibe.

Dolce and Gabbana is at least the 3rd fairy tale-inspired collection I've seen this season, but I'm still not tired of the theme. I am in LOVE with these armor boots! I want these so much.


The handbag for this look is pretty badass, too. I can imagine those sides being made of dragon scales. Looks like it's full of secrets.

Loved these boots, too. No idea what I'd wear them with, but omg so pretty. I was surprised how many flats there were in this collection!

Love, love, love this Emiliio Pucci gown! It's kind of genius! I want to try making something inspired by this!!

The back - stunning!

Okay, I've hit that "whole lotta images" point, so I'm breaking here! More awesome things soon!

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