Sunday, March 16, 2014


Know what is seriously frustrating? When something awesome or weird is happening, but your phone or camera refuses to capture it in a way that conveys the level of weirdness/awesomeness.

My morning has been filled with giant snowflakes (or "snow chunks" as I've more accurately been calling them) that look totally unreal, like something out of a movie with such a low budget for special effects that they aren't even trying. These are not flakes falling down from the sky, they are snowballs. It is insane. And I can not get a single photo or video that makes it look like anything other than normal snow. I even went OUTSIDE onto the deck to try, but no luck.

Despite the inability to capture the Flakes Of Doom, I'm going to take you on a little journey through today. Here we go.

This blurry beauty was taken at 12:02 pm. You really can't see much of anything, but I think that you can at least tell that those are Snowflakes of Unusual Size. (SUS's)

This is what the view from my back door looked like around 1:30 pm. Keep in mind that there was ZERO snow out there when I woke up 2 hours before.

2:30 pm

Oh, and it's supposed to be 53 degrees tomorrow and 64 on Tuesday. Go home winter, you are drunk.


Jordan James said...

Wow, beautiful photos!

1froglegs said...

The time your camera is most likely to malfunction is when you really need to use it.

Tammy Woodall said...

Your right, I'm ready for winter to go away as well. I don't think Winter got the Memo that it is Officially Spring. We've all had some weird weather this past 6 months. I like your pictures.