Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - #3

It's Tuesday! Let's talk about random things!

1. Can we talk about how awesome it feels to get rid of stuff? After I finished going through my Disney box that I mentioned a few Tuesday posts ago, I moved on to some other things and was surprised with how much I had that I was cool with parting with.

2. When did Mc Donalds start putting the number of calories on their menu board? I hardly ever go so maybe it's been there for years, but dude, it totally ruined my breakfast. How am I supposed to enjoy my food when I've just been reminded in clear, numerical form just how horrible it is? Booo!

3. Might as well share my TOTAL fail at nail polish organization here. I've been hunting for a way to organize my nail polishes, but the fact that the bottles are so many different shapes and sizes makes it tricky! This was my current setup:

Yeeeah, totally not organized. Some in a little basket, mini sizes in a box, lots of others scattered randomly.

 I found this plastic thing at the dollar store the other day and thought hey! That might work! (It's actually made to go under potted plants. Whatever.)

Conclusion? Total fail. Why did I think this would work? I'm sure I'll find some other use for it.

4. Speaking of organizing, I have been trying to organize the folder that holds all of the photos of the dresses I'm working on. A lot of times I'll get inspired to work on a piece but won't be able to remember if I already have a "before" picture of it or not. I decided to make a folder that had one before pic of each dress (organized by color) so that I could just scroll through easily to check. When I was finished, I realized that I have almost 100 before pics! Yikes! I really need to have a sewing marathon day!

5. The cognitive poetics class I'm taking used an example from Tom Robbins this week. It made me super happy. (There was also an example from Harry Potter. YAY.)

6. I've still been using my winter candles, but I finally gave in and picked up a new mini from Bath and Body Works this weekend. Loving it - it kind of smells like fruity gum!

7. Add me to the list of people disappointed in Vogue for putting Kim Kardashian and Kanye on the cover this month. YOU ARE VOGUE. We have higher standards for you. Save that crap for Cosmopolitan.

8. My friend Mike has started a blog to chronicle his journey towards running the New York Marathon this year! You can check it out here.

9. I really need to do a "What I've been reading" post! I haven't done one in ages and I've been reading some really fantastic things!

10. I'm hitting publish on this post at 11:52 pm because I may have kind of napped an hour or two longer than I meant to. Oops. But it's still Tuesday!

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Michael Fedelem said...

Yay for more reading! I salt have bought my 7th copy of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. And thanks again for helping me fundraise for Team Fox! You're the best!

Karen M. Peterson said...

100 before pics?? That's a lot of work!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

McDonalds has been doing that for years. I admit that I've went so much in the past. So addicted to their fries. (hangs their head in shame that I know that). :-\

I have tons of nail polish and bought a spice rack from Amazon. It works amazingly!! http://www.amazon.com/Spectrum-Wall-Mountable-Black-Scroll-Spice/dp/B001E8TLKC

Notes from a Newlywed said...

It DOES feel amazing to get organized. My method for nail polish is pretty ghastly - they're all thrown in a drawer!

1froglegs said...

The calorie counts are bad enough, but in some places they are not allowed to use "trans fats" so not only do you have to see the calories but the food taste like crap.

Kelly said...

Very fun. I used to do this on Thursdays....10 Thing Thursday. It's a good concept because readers can connect. It's fun peeking into each other's world.