Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten Things On Tuesday

I still haven't figured out what to call my random Tuesday post, so this week I'm trying Ten Things!

1. Do you guys have any totally irrational fears? I frequently have this moment of panic when starting my car where I worry that I have my foot on the gas instead of the brake, and I'll go shooting off when it starts. Where is my brain even getting this? I've been driving for half my life now and I've never put my foot on the wrong pedal, so why do I keep thinking that I might? So weird. (If you have a similar weird thing, I totally want to hear about it! Make me feel less crazy!)

2. My Ten kitten turned 7 months old yesterday! This means that it has been approximately 6 months since I've done anything around the house without a cat on my shoulder.

This is what putting on makeup usually looks like.

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3. I have an awesome giveaway coming tomorrow! Ooooh, ahhh, suspense!

4. I finally got to hit up the thrift store bag sale today! (Missed last month's because of the weather!) It was supposed to be last week, but they had to reschedule due to ice/snow. Apparently most people didn't know about the reschedule, because instead of the usual crowd waiting at the door when they opened, I was the ONLY one there! I didn't score anything amazing, but I did get a few items that I'm pretty excited to work on!

5. I finally got a blender and have been having way too much fun making smoothies and shakes and such. Must remember to post about some of my favorites soon! I've been doing a seriously badass caramel coffee thingy!

6. I REALLY need to finish up posting about my Nov/Dec trip to Orlando! Especially since I'm going back soon! (Oooh, ahh!) I miss hooooome!

7. I decided that I needed to dig through my box of Disneyish things and get rid of a lot. Keeping some things from vacations and work is cool, but I really do not need this huge of a box!

8. SO MUCH RAGE over the Bachelor finale last night! I can't even. I vented on Twitter a lot, so you can scroll through my feed there if you want to see my ranting, but... ARRGHHH. Did any of you guys watch? I totally want to hear what you thought if you did!

9. This top is one of the things that I grabbed at the bag sale this morning, and I can't quite decide if it is cute or hideous. Votes?

10. After all of my woes trying to sell things on the Facebook yard sale group (I got stood up by a woman I was supposed to meet to sell some kitchen stuff today! Arrgh!), I made an appointment with a consignment shop to take some clothes over on Friday. Cross your fingers that I score some mad cash! (I need money to move HOME! Have I whined about that enough yet?)

Coming up with 10 things is hard! Haven't yet decided if I'll stick to this or go back to a random number of random Tuesday things. Anyway, I have enchiladas in the oven (Yes, at almost 11 pm) so I am going to hit post and then continue digging through the box of Disney things while watching Friends! Feel free to feed my ego with some comment love! 


sheila ressel said...

You are so talented that you can function so well with a cat on your shoulders. SO Funny! I really like the shirt that you got. I vote to keep it.

Kelly Mogk said...

I texted my son this morning to make sure he was alive, so I think I have the "random fears" covered! :) And I still say call these posts That Tuesday Thing! It's snazzy. xoxo

Jordan James said...

I love the photos with your cats!

Naima Dance said...

My irrational fear is while using the toilet some sort of natural disaster, fire, tornado, apocalypse, etc. will happen while I have my pants down. Also, if it is the apocalyptic end of the world I hope that I am least freshly showered and dressed, seeing as how showers will not be a priority when struggling to survive and I will probably be stuck wearing the same pair of undies for many days.