Tuesday, March 04, 2014

That Tuesday Thing

Yeah, I still haven't figured out a new name for my weekly Tuesday ramblings. Hit me with your suggestions! Anyway, here's what's up this week!

*Today is Mardi Gras! If I were in Florida, I'd head over to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter resort for some beignets and such, but alas, I am not. POFQ doesn't rank among my favorite resorts, but I do love it. I spent a week working there once for a special project and it grew on me a lot while I was there. I think that my favorite thing about the resort is the fact that all of the pathways between the buildings have incredibly cute names:

*I am SO over snow! I did the math and if you add up this entire winter, I've spent almost an entire month snowed in. I should be able to get out of my driveway tomorrow (OMG, I hope! I'm going to be out of coffee!), but wow if I never see snow again, it will be too soon!

*Speaking of all of this evil winter weather - this is the 2nd month in a row I've had to miss the thrift store's bag sale! Probably a good thing since I still have a TON of clothes sitting around waiting to be made into something new and awesome, but still, not going makes me sad.

*I've been selling some things on my little town's Facebook yard sale group in an attempt to a) get rid of things and b) make some extra money to put towards moving back to FL. I've been pricing things quite low in an attempt to sell them quickly, but I've run into so much frustration with the first few items I put up. People are wanting me to drive 15-30 minutes to meet up with them, when the item they're buying is like $3-5. Oh, sure, let me spend more on gas than you're paying me! That sounds great! At least now I know to specify! Have you guys ever sold stuff on those groups? How do you handle it?

*That's pretty much it for this week! Being snowed in takes away having much to talk about. I can't even tell you guys how much I look forward to moving home and being able to blog about things like Disney adventures and beach trips!


Sharon said...

I've never sold things on FB before, but I've done it on Craigslist. UGH. People are awful. Every single time I'd get people who'd contact me saying "I'll give you this price for it," which was much lower than what I'd advertised. Umm, no. It's not a haggle site. I list the price I want (which is a good deal, btw), and you either pay me or find it elsewhere. I had one dude who argued with me over email for about a week trying to get me to lower the price and he was threatening to report me because I wouldn't budge. Finally I just stopped responding to his emails because it was just too ridiculous. I feel your pain. People are stupid.

Cami said...

FB yard sale?? That sounds awesome. I've never heard of that before. Do you want to move back to Orlando? From one FL gal to another - hope you find your way back soon! No snow here ;)

Crystal said...

I think most cities have yard sale groups on FB now - they come in pretty handy! For larger cities like Orlando, there are usually groups for each neighborhood, too. (And yep, hoping to get back to Orlando! I miss sunshine!)

sheila ressel said...

Not a fan of yard sales. I'm not much of a negotiator and am appalled at how cheap some people can be. I'd rather donate the items and get a tax write off.

Jordan James said...

That is so interesting! I love yard sales!