Thursday, April 03, 2014

1,000 Things that Make Me Happy - Part 8

It's been almost an entire YEAR since I posted any additions to my "1000 Things That Make Me Happy" list! (Seriously, the last post was April 20, 2013!) I guess that I kind of ran out of steam after the first half. However, I saw on Twitter last night that Venus Trapped in Mars and Two Thirds Hazel are doing a linkup today for "32 Things That Make Me Happy." I figured that since I usually list 50-100 things at a time, 32 should be a breeze and be a good way to get my list moving again! (Confession: It was not a breeze. Not repeating myself is SO HARD at this point!)

If you'd like to read numbers 1-600, just click here to see all of the other posts from this series! (Some of the images in the old posts don't seem to be working anymore. I need to go through and fix them!)

601. Finding a parking spot where you can pull through and thus not have to back out later.
602. Ordering your first pumpkin spiced latte of the season.
603. That time Welcome to Night Vale favorited my tweet.
604. The weird snore-purr Bear does when he is really happy.
605. All things Doge.

606. Finding a spectacular weekly planner notepad thing (WITHOUT pre-printed dates!) on clearance at Walgreens for 50 cents. It is exactly what I've been needing!
607. My sister went to Olive Garden with my mother last week and she brought me a bowl of Zuppa Tuscana and bag of breadsticks. That's love.
608. My new blender. I have been blending ALL THE THINGS.
609. The "Eclipse" Rifftrax where they have one of the werewolves ask Bella, "How you likin' the rain, girl?" in a Scooby Doo voice.
610. The fact that Ten has exactly one white whisker. (All of the rest are black.)
611. When the cats sleep cute:

612. Getting coupons in the mail from Bath and Body Works for free products! (Especially when it's a free mini candle!!)
613. Cadbury Eggs! It's a good thing they aren't around all year.
614. When someone says that they were just thinking about you.
615. The upcoming Diagon Alley expansion at Universal! I admit that Hogsmeade was a little less awesome than I anticipated, but I'm still excited for more Potter stuff!
616. Target's Cartwheel app. Scanning stuff in the score is fun, and I get all excited when there's a discount available.
617. Art history snap chats:

618. #TotallySillyHashtagsForComedicEffect
619. Yoga poses that randomly make me burst out laughing. It happens most frequently with asanas I've never tried before. Such a weird reflex!
620. The fact that Orlando is finally getting a MLS team next year!
621. The feeling of bad-assery that comes from figuring out how to do on your own something you'd usually ask for help for. (This is part of why I think everyone should live alone for at least a year!)
622. When I get sucked into Pinterest and suddenly it's three hours later.
623. The fact that I can tell my cats apart by their meows. #CatLadySkills
624. People who debunk Pinterest myths and save the rest of us the trouble of actually trying those things.
625. I just got home from a church yard sale where they handed out free coffee and cookies in line. (Some people lined up 3 hours before they opened!) The sale wasn't great, but free coffee and cookies will always make me happy.

626. Using all 7 letters in a word in Words With Friends.
627. A new book by a favorite author.
628. When Jamie includes the perfect song to make a point or set a mood on The British History Podcast.
629. Getting brilliant ideas in the shower.
630. The simple fact that duct tape now comes in so many nifty colors and designs. The world is a beautiful place.
631. Getting all 3 seats to myself on an airplane.
632. I somehow didn't discover Laci Green on YouTube until very recently, but she's kind of my new favorite person.

 It feels weird stopping at this number, but I'm totally out of ideas for today, so I'm thankful I was only aiming for 32!

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