Friday, April 25, 2014

New Orleans Trip Part 3 - Shopping on Royal St.

This is the third post about my New Orleans trip! You can read about the drive down here or my stay at the Hotel Modern here!

So, when we left off I'd just survived a 15 hour drive and then slipped into an exhausted deep sleep in my hotel instead of going out for some New Orleans nightlife. Not quite what I had planned, but at least I'd made it! I woke up around 8 a.m. super sick from exhaustion and the stress of the day before and was momentarily worried that I'd spend all day sick in my room, but a few more hours of rest made all of the difference and when I woke back up at 11, I was ready to go explore.

I wasn't entirely sure what my plans for the day were. I was hoping to hear back from a second hotel who had said they might be able to give me a complimentary room for the night, which would make the difference in deciding to stay here a second night or start to drive back home that afternoon. I decided to just head over to the French Quarter to wander around for a few hours and then go from there.

Old buildings set against a backdrop of new. And one of those damn no left turn signs I mentioned in part 1.

I started out by browsing some of the shops on Royal Street. It's an interesting mix of shops - you see touristy souvenir t-shirt shops next to stores selling antiques worth more than my house. (I actually saw an article that they're considering evicting the cheap souvenir shops from the French Quarter. It's an interesting debate between the freedom to use a business space for whatever the owner wants vs. preserving the historic feel of the neighborhood.)

So many masks for sale!

Pretty sure this wins the award for tackiest t-shirt that I saw. If you're going to wear fake boobs, wouldn't you at least want better looking ones?

Every color and theme of beads!

I found Nemo in New Orleans!  But wait. What's up with his face? Let's zoom in...

Meth. Nemo has discovered meth. Stay in school, kids.

This was the first antique shop that I stopped in, where I spent several minutes walking around starry eyed and slack jawed. The entire ceiling was dripping with chandeliers, most displaying price tags ranging from $50,000 up to half a million. Whoa. It's such a crazy contrast when you've been wandering shops selling postcards and souvenir shirts. They also sold also a lot of beautiful art and antique furniture, but my eyes were constantly drawn up. I think I walked out with a new chandelier addiction. (Fitting for someone named Crystal, I guess.)

Window of a different shop on Royal. I kind of like how this turned out with the weird mix of reflection, display, and inside the shop. 

Well, of course. How else would you display jewelry?

I was drawn into this shop by the sight of sparkly things and had way too much fun browsing the racks of vintage clothes and costumes. I probably could have spent an entire week in here playing dress-up if they had let me. Speaking of which...

Worst. Selfie. Ever. I had a random photo urge as I passed a mirror, and this is what I got. NICE ONE. And yes, I had been semi-cute until the constant rain drizzles caused me to give in and put on my hoodie. Fashion. I'm representing it. 

It also had the cutest fitting rooms ever. Who doesn't want Prince William watching you get dressed?

Loved the history signs on most of the streets!

I was originally going to smoosh all of my New Orleans goodness into one post, but this is already pretty photo heavy, so I'm going to call it a day here. More soon!


Tara Simone said...

That shirt is extra tacky! Lol, but it looks like you had fun! Love your commentary on Nemo! I was going to say he was proably scared of the boob shirt, but he is so on meth.

Christy@SweetandSavoring said...

Those no left turns signs are all over NYC, too, especially since they made the streets more bike-friendly. But driving around a new city is always confusing- walking's the best way to get around, I think :)
I loved reading this continuation of your trip and totally wish I was heading down to NOLA soon!

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)