Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Ten Things On Tuesday - #4

Doing the Tuesday posts as lists of 10 seems to be getting the thumbs-up, so I suppose I'll keep it this way for now! I should probably make some kind of snazzy graphic to use each week. I'm sure I'll get around to it sometime this decade.

Let's get listy!

1. I stopped in Walgreens to kill some time this morning and made the mistake of going to the Easter candy section. THINGS HAVE CHANGED, you guys!

The first one of these that I spotted was Birthday Cake flavor. Then I noticed they were 2 for $1, so I decided to grab the Red Velvet egg, too. But then there was Carrot Cake and Cookie Dough and next thing you know, I had 6 of them. When did candy flavors get so fancy? Why was I not informed?

2. You know how I keep spotting deer in my back yard? Well, it seems they are now cheating on me with my neighbors.

3. Today was thrift shop bag sale day! (Using Macklemore as my alarm ringtone is now a tradition.) I scored some amazing stuff, including a couple of dresses that I can not WAIT to make over. I need to take some before photos tomorrow so I can get started - Excited! I somehow managed to stuff FORTY-FIVE items in my bag, which means I paid 11 cents per item. That includes a pair of dress pants that I grabbed for my mother, which were new with the tags. I love bag sale day!

4. Did any of you pull off spectacular pranks today? I didn't have any brilliant ideas this year. I've seen a few great prank blog posts, though. So far my favorite is this one on Apartment Therapy about how to decorate with giraffes.

5. I've been taking a course on cognitive poetics online (basically just for the hell of it), and I was SO excited when the professor used an example from a Tom Robbins novel! He also quoted Harry Potter in the same lesson. I think we might be literary soulmates.

6. Congrats to England and Wales for legalizing same sex marriages last week! (Scotland already did in February.) BBC article is here, and it's full of absolutely beautiful wedding photos!

7. Orange Leaf has pistachio flavored fro-yo now, which means that not making the 30 minute drive over there on a regular basis has been a huge test of willpower. It's SO GOOD.

8. Hey, remember how I'm supposed to be driving to Florida in like 2 weeks? I have car problems. I'll post about it more in depth soon, but for now I'll just say that I am freaking out about how I'm going to get there!

9. I'm considering swinging by Disney casting while I'm in town next month to discuss seasonal roles. No big deal.

10. I just remembered that this is the 1st, which means new Night Vale podcast today! SQUEE! There's also a new episode of The British History Podcast out today! I haven't listened yet (Sorry, Jamie), but I'm sure it's awesome.

Night Vale: Just a Small Desert Town by Thatoneguywithbrains.deviantart.com on @deviantART
(Awesome fan art found on Pinterest - the artist's Deviant Art account is here.)

Enjoy your Tuesdays, all!

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