Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - Volume 5

It's after 10 p.m. on Tuesday and I'm determined to get this post done on time this week!

1. I am SO ready for the weather to warm up enough to make wearing spring dresses a possibility! I'm tired of freezing!

2. Speaking of which, I'm kind of in love with this dress from Modcloth!

3. Watching too many episodes of Hotel Impossible lately have me thinking I would be an awesome hotel consultant. I know hotels, and I know how to tell people what to do. Someone pay me already!


4. This.

5. The weather was *supposed* to be awesome this week, so I was all excited to go hit a hiking trail or two. Something shifted though, and instead of mid-70s we've had mid-50s. The low tomorrow is 37! Must move back to Florida, stat!

6. Even though my car survived the drive down to New Orleans and back (Spoiler alert!), she really does need some work. Why do car repairs have to be so expensive? I could go on an amazing vacation for what it will cost to get her back in good shape!

7. Travel makes me crave more travel. It's my biggest addiction.

8. I really want a new betta fish - I haven't had one in like 7 years!

Look at this handsome mofo. I love their little tough guy faces!

9. I think I now use Pinterest as a search engine as often as I use Google. Is that just me?

10. Lipton seems to have stopped making my favorite tea (their 100% natural passionfruit mango green tea). Any suggestions for something new to get hooked on? I love Xing's cherry green tea, but haven't been able to find it in any stores near me for like a year!f

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Go forth and dream of hump day.

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