Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Trying Another Old El Paso Frozen Entree

If you recall my post from National Frozen Food Day back in February, you might remember that Old El Paso sent me some free product coupons to try their new frozen entrees, and instead of branching out and trying a new variety, I stuck with the chicken enchiladas I already have a love for. I looked at the other varieties, I contemplated trying one, but... nope. All of your chicken enchiladas are belong to me.

It would seem that these guys are really set in breaking me out of my rut, because they just sent me more coupons. Point taken! I'll try something new this time! I promise! Back to the grocery store freezer section I go!

Okay, so I didn't change THAT much. But at least they're the beef instead of the chicken! I did spend a minute thinking about getting the chicken burritos instead, but I was seriously craving enchiladas!

Around 40 minutes of oven time later, I had this!

I should take tips from food bloggers on how to better photograph food. I can never make it look flattering, it seems!

So, what's the verdict? I still prefer the chicken enchiladas. Probably not a big surprise since I tend to prefer chicken to beef in general, but I also prefer the chunkier texture of the chicken. I found these to be noticeably spicier than the chicken - I'd classify the beef as medium hotness and the chicken as mild. (Throwing a little extra cheese on top helps balance out the spiciness a bit!)

Have any of you guys tried these yet? What did you think? Should I give in and try the burritos, too?

Disclosure: The information and product package have been provided by Old El Paso® through Platefull Co-Op.

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