Thursday, May 22, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday (On Thursday. Oops) - Volume 8

1. I've now missed three days of blogging this month! That's still a lot more posts than usual, but not quite Every Day In May. I've been so freaking sick though. Blehhh!

2. I've had an absolutely overwhelming urge lately to go spend a week on the beach with nothing but a bag of books and a notebook. I might go spread out my beach towel and relax at the lake this weekend, but it just doesn't sound as exciting, and they're predicting scattered thunderstorms for most of the next 5 days or so. I just need some sun!

3. I've had terrible luck with buying expired food lately! Three times in the past week or so I've come home with something only to discover it's outdated. Today I picked up a new kind of breakfast shake to try (I've been sick and wanted something easy on the ol' belly.) I got home, tried a sip, noticed it tasted a little weird, checked the date and yep, best by March. A few days ago, I finally got the Old El Paso burritos I've been looking for, was all excited to come home and make them for dinner, and then discovered that the date on the box said March. I returned them to the store and checked the freezer section for a newer one - they had about 8 more boxes, but they ALL expired in March!

At least that's not quite as bad as the Indian food experience I had a few months ago. I got hooked on the Tasty Bite Jaipur Vegetables pouches (I'd probably eat them constantly if they weren't so expensive) and was excited to find they were available at a store near my house. I came home and noticed that the package looked different than what I was used to, and when I dumped out the contents it looked different, too. Luckily I checked the date before eating it - they had expired a YEAR ago! When I went back to that store I checked out the Indian section and discovered that EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT (not just that particular kind of meal, not even just that brand, but EVERY product) had a "best by" date of 6-12+ months ago!! How does that even happen?? I get that grocery store stockers might miss getting something off the shelf by its expiration date now and then, but how do you totally miss something being outdated for an entire year?

4. Speaking of food (I guess I'm hungry?) WHY must nut butters be so expensive?! I'd probably live on Justin's maple almond butter if it wasn't ten freaking dollars a jar. I get that almonds are more expensive than peanuts, but does it really have to cost THAT much? It makes me sad.

5. If you're a Harry Potter nerd, I highly recommend the latest episode of the Alohomora podcast! Their guests wrote a book about spy stuff in the books (I'm going to see if I can get a review copy) and their insight was fascinating. One of them worked for the CIA for over 30 years, so his perspective was really cool to hear. Definitely one of the best podcast episodes I've listened to in a while.

6. Along the topic of Harry Potter...

I just found this on Pinterest and it makes me REALLY want a fish tank again! I've been considering getting a betta for a while, but cute things like this make me want a big tank!

7. Of course, the last time that I went to the pet shop to get a fish (Nov 2008), I ended up adopting my cat Jasper instead. I just wanted something alive in my apartment, but I fell in looooove!

8. My goal for tonight (if I ever finish this post!) is to get through a good chunk of the 100+ blogging tips articles that I've pinned to my "read later" board. I've found that articles that sound great by their Pinterest description rarely live up to the hype, so I figure that if I find any that are actually useful, I'll share the links here.

9. Super weird thing - I've been in the habit of keeping HGTV shows on in the background lately. This is weird because a) I generally hate those home shopping/remodeling shows, and b) I'm not a TV person. I don't LIKE background noise. Apparently my body is possessed by aliens that want to understand our housing culture.

10. I have about a week left of my Every Day In May blogging, but I'm already trying to decide what I want to do when the month is over. I'm leaning towards picking about 10-12 posts that I really want to get done and just focusing on those. I've found that trying to meet a goal of posting every day means that the more time consuming posts keep getting pushed aside for things I can get done quickly, since I often find myself at 10 or 11 and just then realizing that I haven't started a post yet. I have some great ideas in the works, but great posts just don't happen in an hour. Maybe for this last week I can make a point of starting earlier in the day?

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Sharon said...

That's crazy about the ONE YEAR expired food, especially in the sue-happy USA! ;) I've run into this problem only once that I can remember, thankfully. A few months ago I bought a 6 pack of those small 222mL Diet Cokes, because a full can is just too much for me. Anyway, I brought it home, put it in the fridge and later that weekend I pulled a couple out for a party I was having, and we all thought it tasted a little off. Sure enough, after looking at the expiry date, it was a few months overdue. I took all the empty cans (and the ones that weren't open) back to the store. They were super nice about it, gave me a free replacement 6 pack and also refunded my money. Score! I hope you got some sort of refund if you took the expired stuff back to your stores.