Saturday, May 10, 2014

5 Things On Saturday

I usually do my 10 Things posts on Tuesdays, but I'm gonna be honest with y'all - it's late, I'm tired, and I don't want to break my (10 day!) streak of posting every day in May, but I just don't have the energy to finish up one of the more involved posts that's sitting in my draft folder. So instead, you get a lovely list of randomness! (And yep, I didn't even make it to 10. I guess they can't all be winners?)

1. I spent the past hour or so helping my mom clean out her bathroom and we barely made a dent in the giant collection of stuff that's cluttering it up. She's one of those people that has medicine that expired a decade ago in the cabinet, and at least half a dozen of those bath product gift sets that have been sitting unopened and forgotten for ages. It's depressing - I convinced her to actually open the packaging on one of the gift boxes and put the products by her tub so that she'd actually use them, but when we did we found that the lotion had gone kinda funky and the shower gel had half leaked from its bottle. It was a good reminder for me to actually use things instead of saving them for "someday".

2. One of the churches in my little town does a giant garage sale twice a year with a few hours on the 2nd day where you can fill a paper bag with almost anything that's left for $3. If you need proof that I currently live in the middle of nowhere, here it is: There were almost 50 people in line when I got there a few minutes before it opened. Yeeeeah. Anyway, one of the quirks about this sale that amuses me is that in the book room, they divide all of the fiction up into "women authors" and "male authors". I grabbed these two books and somehow managed not to snicker out loud about the fact that "Robert Galbraith" was in the male author section.

I'm excited to read both of these!

3. I also picked up the two skirts pictured here:

Here's the funny thing. See how there's about an inch more waistband on the skirt that's on the bottom? (I added a blue line to help it stand out since it's not a great pic.) Well, the smaller skirt that's on top is a size 12, while the larger one on bottom is an 8. Why are clothing sizes SO WEIRD?

4. Even though I've missed multiple episodes this season, I'm happy that Hart of Dixie got renewed for another season! They seem to be getting back on track in terms of quality lately - there were a LOT of episodes in a row over the last couple of seasons that just felt like filler, and they got WAY too into the stories of minor characters that nobody really cares about. I'd love to see next season be as good as the first!

5. I finally have enough miles for a free flight on Southwest, but they're discontinuing service to my airport at the end of this month. ARRGH. Do I scramble for spare money and make a quick trip to Orlando, since I never made it down last month? Or do I just hang on to my miles and use them for something else eventually?

I'm admitting defeat here. It's late, I'm starving, and I have a ton of stuff to do before sleep. Have a good night, my dears!

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Megan Hernandez said...

That is awesome about the Free flight. I would be torn on how to use it. If I had the money I would probably use it to take a trip to Florida.