Saturday, May 24, 2014

Help Outnumber Hunger in Your Community!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by General Mills via Platefull Co-Op.

I know that there have definitely been days in my life when I couldn't afford food, and I'm certainly not alone in that. There are over 49 million people in America facing hunger right now. General Mills has a really cool promotion going on now called Outnumber Hunger, where you can visit the site to enter the code found on many of their products, and in exchange they'll donate five meals to your local food bank. The participating products are brands that I tend to buy anyway (including Old El Paso, Nature Valley, Fiber One and Pillsbury) so I love that it takes almost nothing extra on my part to participate! The program runs through the end of January 2015, so you have plenty of time to enter codes. 

There's also an extra promotion at participating Target stores where if you buy 5 of the selected "Outnumber Hunger" items, you get a complimentary CD! 

I'll definitely be watching for the codes on the products I buy! (You can find a full list of participating brands on the official site linked above!) You might have to do a little hunting until the promotion really gets under way - I checked the Fiber One bars that I bought yesterday and the box didn't have a code yet. (The limited edition Caramel Sea Salt bars are awesome, btw!)

I love that the donations from the codes you enter go to a food bank in your community, or if you'd like to help a food bank in a different community, you can set your preference for any zip code you choose! I'd love to hear if you guys participate in this!

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