Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Bachelorette Premiere Night!

Tonight was the season premiere of everyone's favorite trainwreck, The Bachelorette! This post is basically just a collection of notes that I typed while watching. I'd love to hear what you thought of the episode if you watched!

I don't remember Andi being very much fun on Juan Pablo's season, but it will be interesting to see her on the other side of things now. Are the producres going to have to drum up extra drama (as usual) to keep it from being a snooze? One impression that I got really strongly in the first 15 minutes is that Andi got totally hooked on the attention she got from being on last season. She seemed to be totally eating up the "glamour" aspect of things like the promotional photo shoot.

Totally sad about the contestant Eric who passed away shortly after filming. It's going to be kind of weird watching the episodes that he's on. I wonder if they changed how anything was edited as a result?

I think that the part where the Bachelorette has to meet all of the guys would be the worst. I mean seriously, if you introduced me to 25 "amazing" men, there's probably a 20% chance that I'd find one of them even remotely dateable. I'd probably meet the last guy and be like, "Could I have a couple more limos of men, please?" #CatLadyProblems

So, Andi meets all 25 men and they're all pretty unremarkable except for (of course!) Eric, who is adorable. This is really depressing, y'all. One interesting thing - I didn't notice it until someone on Twitter pointed it out, but I think this is the first season that they didn't show any intro clips about the guys. You know, like how they usually pick a few that are interesting and show a minute or two of them at home before the show? I wonder why that was left out.

Chris B. from Emily's season and Bachelor Pad shows up and wants to be let in to compete. This is SUCH A LOAD OF CRAP. If he wanted to meet her, I'm sure he could have gotten contact info before now. Twitter exists. Use it.

I really wish that I had more interesting things to say about the premiere, but honestly it was pretty dull. Here's hoping things get more interesting soon!

By the way, if you dig all things bad reality TV (Well, ok, mostly just this show) you should follow me on Twitter if you don't already, since I usually can't resist live tweeting during the show!

Did you guys watch? Who are you rooting for? (I'm going for the lamp! It seems more interesting than most of the guys.)

(Image from Chris Harrison's Instagram. It's still not letting me use the embed code, arrgh!)

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