Monday, May 05, 2014

It's Cinco de Mayo!

Pretty much every single holiday that comes along makes me miss living in Orlando, and today is no exception! If I was home, I'd be at Epcot sipping a margarita in the Mexico pavilion, maybe listening to the Mariachi band and taking a spin on the Gran Fiesta Tour ride.

Luckily, Old El Paso sent me a box full of festive Cinco de Mayo party stuff, which definitely helped my not at home blues!

I love getting boxes of fun things in the mail!

I took over my mom's kitchen this afternoon to put together a meal. First, though, we had to make use of those moustaches!

How do you do this, men? It tickled my nose like crazy! (And then my kitten jumped up and tried to eat it.)

Pics or it didn't happen!

Anyway, back to food! I decided to use the Stand n' Stuff kit to make a rice, bean and cheese.... thing? I picked up a cheesy rice bowl to avoid having to actually make rice the old fashioned way because that's how I roll. (Dear Old El Paso, please start selling pre-cooked taco meat? Cooking meat freaks me out. Thanks!)

Avengers... err, ingredients... assembled! The white pouch is the taco sauce from the kit. Old El Paso proudcts are on sale at Publix until 5/7!

Food shot! Sorry you can't see much beyond the cheese. I ended up adding way more taco sauce because it was awesome.

Need some festive music for your fiesta? I couldn't resist adding this song from a friend's old band to my playlist for the day! (I miss local Orlando bands!)

Almost as cheesy as my rice bowl. Almost.

Did you guys do anything fun to celebrate?

Disclosure: The information and product sample pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.


Kelly Mogk said...

I am jealous! It looks like you guys had too much fun with that kit -- AND those mustaches! Uno and I ordered On the Border and celebrated Cinco de Mayo and the end of this semester with Mexican food and beer! Yum. :)

Katie said...

LOVE the mustaches!!!