Sunday, May 04, 2014

Not As Planned

I have some computer problems happening.

I've had the WORST luck with this laptop. I spilled milk on it about 2 weeks after I bought it (about 2 years ago) which led to the keyboard no longer working, so I've been using a separate keyboard plugged in the USB slot for years. (I could get a replacement on ebay for like $20, but it has never happened.) Then, about this time last year the hard drive crashed and the repair dude said it was probably only a matter of time before it happens again. Greeeeat.

The corner has been a little funky lately- I think the hinge where the screen closes got a little out of whack. It's been a TINY gap, though, until today. When I opened it to start internet-ish things for the today, THAT happened.

I should mention that this is going down two days after I dropped my phone in the tub and thought I was going to have to replace it. (Stuck it in a bag of couscous overnight and it lived! I didn't have rice.)

With all of the problems I've had, I don't want to pour any more money into fixing it, so I'm going to start shopping for a new one and hope this one holds out a month or so until I can afford it. Cross your fingers!

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