Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pet Peeves

I've had this post tumbling around in my head (and drafts folder) for a while now, so I decided to use this super rainy Thurdsay to finish it up! I think that a person's pet peeves say a lot about them, so I'd love to hear if you share any of mine, or if you have some quirky ones of your own!

Pins like this on Pinterest. Really? You really needed someone else to tell you that you can wear jeans and a white shirt with brown boots? This isn't really groundbreaking stuff. And yet there are SO MANY "inspiration" photos like this. 

People who move my stuff-
This is a weird one for me, maybe more of a quirk than a pet peeve. As a result of having my apartment broken into and stuff stolen more than once, it freaks me out if something is not where I left it. Beyond that, I'm weirdly specific with where I put things - there is method to my madness! What looks like a giant blob of clothes waiting to be altered to an outsider is clearly many separate piles/boxes to me - these I've already started working on, these are on hold until I can buy a certain color of thread or other necessity, these still smell really "thrift store-y" and need some freshening up before I work on them... Don't mix my piles up, yo!

Lateness/Plan Cancelers -
Everyone has things that pop up now and then, but I can not deal with people who are habitually 10-15 minutes late or more. It's disrespectful for my time. I could be doing other things! The same for canceling plans - at least do it early enough that I can make other plans or find someone else to invite to whatever we were doing.

Blog for a chance to win!-
I'm sure that most bloggers have experienced this - the email where a company asks you to blog about their product in exchange for something like "the chance to win one of 10 gift cards!" So you want me to put the time and work into writing a post for you in exchange for a maybe 10% chance that I'll get something for it? NO. This would not fly with ANY other business! Would you show up to work if your boss said "Hey! We'd love if you could come to work from 9-5 today, and there's a 10% chance we'll pay you for it!" I seriously doubt it. I have trouble respecting a company that expects me to provide my valuable time and creative efforts in exchange for nothing.

"You don't need makeup"-
I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a song with a lyric along the lines of (I'm heavily paraphrasing) "I don't know why you wear makeup, you're beautiful - you don't need it." It made me realize how much I HATE that kind of statement. Of course we don't need makeup. But why would you automatically assume that something I'm doing for myself is a result of some sense of lack or insecurity? Maybe it's just fun? To me, "You don't need makeup!" is like saying "But the walls of your house are such a pretty color! You don't need to decorate them with those paintings!"

When people say "walla" instead of "voila"-
One is a word, one is you making a weird noise. Get it right.

People who don't pay attention to their surroundings - 
I notice this most often at the grocery store. You know when someone will block a whole aisle with their cart while they're looking at something, and you end up just standing there, waiting for them to notice? Drives me nuts! Or when a group of people blocks a path/entrance while they're standing around talking.

Well, now you know how to defeat me through sheer annoyance. Let's hear yours!


Nic @ said...

Bad grammar, people who refuse to Google things, and driving in Indianapolis.

MrsTee said...

Ok Pet peeve... driving behind people who think they are on some sort of sight seeing tour. Going below the speed limit is illegal too folks!

Kate said...

Great post. I hate when you're driving and there's traffic and the person in front crawls along leaving huge gaps!It's a bit like awareness of surroundings I suppose, they don't think people behind them and that they're making the traffic que even longer!

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Lana L. said...

Love this list - all these things annoy me and I didn't even realize it (maybe that's annoying too :). When people are always late it feels like their time is more valuable than yours. Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

My husband says "voo-la" which drives me crazy, but he's my husband so I just let it go.

Speaking of being late, I teach group exercise and I HATE when students arrive late to the class! A minute or two is bad enough, but some come in 10 minutes late (which means they totally miss the warm up), have to grab their stuff, walk in front of everybody, etc. So rude!

Oh, and drivers who don't signal.

Fun post. I could probably go on for a while :-)

Kemya Scott said...

Not paying attention to surroundings, especially in the grocery store, is a huge pet peeve!

Others include adding me to your email list without my permission, tweets with 20 hashtags, grocery stores with 2 lanes open and 20 people in line...

Love this post, stopping by via #SITS :)

Lydia @ This Marine Wife said...

Lol! This post made me laugh. Every single one of those is one of my pet peeves, although I'll admit that I am almost always late. I used to be super on time, but three kids later, I'm late. I'm usually not more than 10 min late though. I had a friend who used to always cancel on me right at the time that we were supposed to be meeting up (after I would already be where we were meeting). Annoyed the poop out of me! I then stopped leaving the house until after I got a text from her saying she was there or if she was cancelling again. No point in wasting my gas, right?

As for people standing in your way. My husband will usually just walk right into those people. Drives him nuts!

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