Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - Volume 7

It's Tuesday! Let's do 10 things!

1. I'm writing tonight's post while watching the Disney World episodes of Full House. Despite the fact that they're basically a big commercial and totally flawed logistically, they make me miss home A LOT.

2. Speaking of places that I used to work, I stopped by Dixie Stampede today because I was stuck in traffic and didn't have the patience for it. I only recognized 2 horses out of 30 there, which is kind of depressing, but it has been over a decade since I worked there, so I suppose that makes sense.

3. This:

4. I am obsessively in love with the nun (Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe) on the Colbert Report tonight. IN LOVE. Sewing Hope. The book about her has been added to my to read list!

5. Cuteness: My kitten Tennyson seems to wait ALL DAY for the time of night where I turn on the outside light and then hold him out the door so he can try to catch the moths that swarm around it. (His feet are not allowed to touch the ground. I'm a strict cat mom.) I wish I had a video of it, he gets SO excited. Best 30 seconds of his day.

6. I took a quick walk in the woods along one of my favorite trails today, despite the fact that it was a little rainy and super cold. I'm so out of shape for real hikes, but it was nice to get outside for a bit!

7. Super random thing since I am running out of things to write - This is the notepad on which I make my grocery shopping lists. If you look very closely, you can see kitten bite marks up at the top. 

8. My goal for this week is to update my About Me page. As in... make a real one and not just the weird list thing I've had for like a decade. I figure that if I write about it here, maybe you guys will hold me to it!

9. While poking around in my drafts folder looking for posts to finish, I discovered that not only have I not finished my New Orleans trip posts (I knew that much, at least), but I never finished the posts about my trip home to Orlando back in December! Oops! Are you even still interested in hearing about that?!

10. I'm also working on a post about de-cluttering, simplicity and our attachment to things. I'd love to hear from you guys about it! Do you have trouble letting go of things? 

Happy hump day tomorrow, my friends!

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