Tuesday, June 03, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 10! It's Linkup Time!

It's Tuesday! And not just any Tuesday, but the 10th Tuesday that I've done a 10 Things post! Check it out, I made a graphic and everything! Go team me!

1. My kitten Ten turns ten months old on the tenth of this month! Is a birthday party totally called for, or a little too crazy cat lady? Or both?

2. My car is getting fixed tomorrow! Well, the brake light switch is, but that's a start. I bought the replacement part and was all set on fixing it myself, but once I got up in there I discovered that one of the wires that leads into the switch had totally broken, so that's what was causing the problem, not the switch itself. I was fine with replacing the part myself since I found tons of great info on how to do it online, but I couldn't find much about rewiring, and the concept of messing with the wires in general makes me a little nervous, so I finally sucked it up and stopped by the garage for an estimate. Mechanic was awesome, price is fair, and he even sort of stuck the wire together to last the couple of days until I can afford to have them fix it for real. Yay!

3. This is what my Friday night looked like. I've been craving a LOTR marathon, and kicking back with Fellowship and my delicious vodka-juice combo (What, you don't mix vodka with juice pouches?!) was amazingly therapeutic. I was too tired for more than one movie that night, but I think I might have to do Two Towers soon.

4. I'm still reading the new Tom Robbins autobiograhy! It's been so hard not to just ignore life and spend tons of time reading it. Every chapter makes me adore him more, though. If he weren't like 85 now, he'd totally be my boyfriend.

5. I've been catching up on my Shakespeare class (free online through University of Warwick - yay!) and had to screencap this video from a lesson because it delighted me. The books! They all seem to have pages marked in them. If there's one thing I love more than a good library, it's a library that's clearly getting a lot of use!

6. It's the first Tuesday of the month, so by the time you read this I'll probably be at the monthly bag sale at the thrift shop! I really SHOULD stop buying until I catch up on sewing projects, but sale day is just way too much fun!

7. HOW AMAZING IS THIS BEAR? This is one thing I miss about Florida - our news stories are always totally absurd. (There are more pics here!) Here's what cracks me up: I am always totally awkward trying to get in and out of a hammock. How does this bear look so cooool?

8. I just checked my weather app to see if there might possibly be a day I can go hiking this week, but the next predicted day without storms is the 9th! I'm so sick of rain! If it's going to rain every single day, my town should at least have a Starbucks.

9. I've been trying out every home remedy known to man for poison ivy. Learn from my pain: Apple cider vinegar BURNS LIKE A MOFO. I still don't think anything is helping. I even broke off a piece of Mr. Pointy, my aloe plant, but no change yet. Why does bug bite/poisonous plant season have to overlap with tiny shorts/sundress season?!

10. I'm not generally that into this song, but I'm kind of in love with this video, which was filmed in one of my favorite world capitals to spell. And I may have picked up a few moves.


Apparently these videos exist for pretty much every country you can imagine. This one from Ethiopia is also pretty great, especially the kids singing at the end.

In honor of this being the 10th Ten Things, I'm adding a linkup! Post your own 10 random things and leave your link below, and we can all enjoy each other's randomness!

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