Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 11 - Join the linkup!

1. I have a new fish! Yes, this is a terrible photo. Do you know how hard it is to photograph a fish through his plastic tank walls? It's hard. This little guy is TINY! I've had a lot of bettas, but this is the only time I've gotten one that was so young that I have to break his little food pellets up into pieces because they're too big to fit in his mouth! (Adorable blurry video can be seen on my Instagram here!) I haven't named him yet, but hopefully I'll come up with something rad in the next few days.

2. I'm growing cilantro! I found a super cute mini greenhouse kit at Target for $1, and I was super excited to see that it's already started sprouting after only a few days. Look how cute they are!

3. Speaking of Target, I'm pretty sure that Archer Farms quit making the couscous lunch bowls I love. I will most likely starve to death as a result.

4. New candles! I've still mostly been burning my winter scents, so it was time. I'm in love with the cinnamon sugared doughnut scent, and want to grab a larger one (maybe when they have a 2 for $22 sale on the 3-wicks). Bubblegum smells great if you just sniff it, but I've found that when I'm burning it I can't smell it at all. Haven't gotten around to trying the macaron one yet.

5. I have to say, I've been kicking serious butt at Swagbucks lately. It used to take me about a month to earn a $5 Amazon gift card, but lately I've been scoring about one a week. That adds up to a huge help for the dSLR I'm saving up for!

6. This skirt is one of my favorite things that I picked up at last week's bag sale, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it! If I want to keep it as a skirt, it needs to be taken in quite a bit, but I'm not sure if my sewing machine can handle going through the super thick elastic waistband. On the other hand, if I use it as the lower half of a dress, I'm not sure how to keep the pleats in tact. Challenge!

7. I've been on a travel related Pinterest spree. My Wanderlust board is getting so full of awesome things that I've started breaking it down into more location specific boards. (I need to do the same thing with my Random Snazzy Things board, but I can't figure out which topics to weed out!)

8. Speaking of Pinterest, I'm developing a huge pet peeve about pins that don't link to the right site! I was trying to find an awesome muffin recipe today; The first one I clicked took me to a Flickr photo of a muffin with no link to a recipe, and the second went to a Facebook photo of a muffin with (again) no recipe. Yes, your muffin is very pretty, but give me info that I can use, people! 
9.  I feel like I should tell you guys about my Tasty Bite addiction. I got a free one in a food subscription box that I won in a giveaway and got totally hooked after trying it. They make all kinds of different varieties, but Jaipur Vegetables are my jam. I don't really dig rice, so I serve it over couscous, because I'm multicultural like that. (And because couscous takes like 5 minutes to make and is delicious.) The only problem with my addiction is that these things are like $4 per pouch! I usually get 2 meals out of one, but still, eep. I have less than $200/month for my grocery budget, so spending that much on a meal is totally screwing me up. BUT I CANT STOP. Why can't I be addicted to something cheaper?

10. An appropriate 10th item on my list - Today (the 10th) is my kitten Ten's 10 month birthday! He's still only about half the size of his Bear brother. I think he has just decided to stay small.

It's linkup time! Feel free to add a link to your own 10 Things post below! 

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Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

I think I'm hooked on your 10 Things series. :) So much fun!! I've never done swagbucks & don't have a clue how to but the skirts too cute - way to go. I could always use more Amazon gc's.