Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - Volume 13

1. I had to cut the World Cup watching down quite a bit over the last few days because I was getting NOTHING done. Still watching some of it, just not ALL THE GAMES!

2. I've been trying to really pare down my possessions. I'm aiming for less clutter, more simplicity, and better feng shui. One big thing I did this week was to go through my jewelry and put most of the pieces I never wear in this little box:

I decided that anything I don't wear by the end of August gets sold or donated. The weird thing is that I think I would be comfortable letting it all go now. I'm surprised that I'm not more attached.

3. Speaking of getting rid of things, I also finally tossed my old dance class shoes. I have no idea why I hung on to them for so long, I guess there was some pride in how horrible they looked - every worn out spot was hours of classes or performances, ya know? Wanna see how bad they were?

Yes, that's duct tape.

4. This post is so late! I have been trying to get my 10 Things posts up early in the morning so others can link up, but this week has been nuts! And not many people have been linking up, so hopefully it won't be missed. I'll bring the linkup back next week if you guys are interested.

5. I'm actually typing this up on my phone while participating in a focus group on my laptop. I've gotta say, I am enjoying getting paid to sit here and eat cookies while I share my opinions about alcohol brands!

6. Confession: My desktop computer has been dead since like December, but I've only just now gotten serious about replacing it because Sims 4 comes out in September and I'll be super sad if I can't play it.


7. THIS! I've yet to wear this out in public, but I've totally been doing it around my house. I'm basically a 7 year old girl trapped in a grown woman's body. Gimmie a princess dress.

8. Since it's almost midnight and I'm STILL not to 10 things, here's a sneak peek of one of the dresses I'm working on. (This is the "before" shot before I did any alterations.)

So far I've shortened it a tiny bit and taken out that first ruffle below the waist to make it sit nicer, but I have NO idea what I'm doing next! I'm pretty sure the giant neck ruffle needs to go, but I'm still experimenting. Ideas?

9. The cats have now knocked my little cilantro garden off the windowsill TWICE now. I'm a little worried about the survival of my tasty little plants!

10. I have no #10. Sorry for sucking this week you guys, I'll aim for awesomeness next week! Promise!

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