Tuesday, July 01, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 14

1. I just filled up the kiddie pool in my back yard (Yeah, I'm awesome. Deal with it.) and slathered on sunscreen so I could go sit in the water and read in between World Cup games. Instead, the Switzerland/Argentina game ran an entire half hour longer than it should have, and now the sun is totally gone. I am all sunscreened up to scroll through Tumblr. (The sun came back as I was still working on this post and I managed about 15 minutes outside with by book, and still had enough time left over to make lunch before the game! YAY!)

2. My poor car, y'all. Last month I had the issue with the brake light switch, now my windshield wipers have stopped working. After a grocery trip last week, I hopped in the car to head home and they would NOT come on. At first I was like well, maybe I can just drive slowly and carefully (It's only like 6 miles home), surely I'll be able to see well enough to make it? LOL NOPE. I couldn't even get out of the parking lot.

What I expected driving with no wipers to look like.

What it actually looks like.

I just kinda sat there in my car for close to an hour until the rain let up enough for me to get to the auto parts store across the street. The fuses that control my wiper relay are black plastic boxes where you can't easily see if they're blown or not, so I couldn't tell if it was a fuse, the wiper motor, or something else. I ended up following the suggestion of the guy at the store and buying some Rain-X to at least make it where I could see to get home. 

3. I was so sad to hear about what seems to have been open gunfire in the French Quarter on Sunday. Nine people were shot on Bourbon Street. I have a special affection for New Orleans and can't wait to go back. I know there's quite a bit of crime in the city at large, but most of the worst of that crime seems to stay out of the Quarter. Sure, there are pickpockets and scam artists and such about, but you generally don't have to worry TOO much about violent crime in the most touristy areas.

It reminds me a little bit of Orlando - Disney World is generally super safe, but if you drive 5-10 minutes outside the gates, you can find yourself in a pretty bad neighborhood. Orlando has no shortage of crime, but like NOLA the serious stuff tends to be away from the tourist areas. I think that the main difference is in scale - the French Quarter has an area of less than one square mile while Disney World is 47 square miles. As a result, the more dangerous areas are a matter of crossing a couple of streets vs driving a few miles - it's much easier to stumble out of the "safe" area, or for others to stumble into the bubble. I don't know, I guess that so many years in the hospitality industry have made me appreciate how much people look forward to their vacations, how much planning and saving and dreaming goes in, so it really breaks my heart when things like this happen.

4. Speaking of total bummers, the whole Hobby Lobby ruling yesterday totally ruined my day. I mostly managed to stay out of arguments, but a few people said things so dumb that I couldn't resist comment. (I literally heard a "If you can't afford to have a baby, you shouldn't have sex.") There was also an overwhelming amount of frustration over a surprising number of people not understanding the absolute basics of how various kinds of birth control work. I seriously don't think I can read any more or my head will legit explode.

5. Okay, on a slightly less serious topic... There's a consignment store not far from me where I occasionally take clothes to sell. (Being stood up after trying to sell things in Facebook yard sale groups got old really quickly.) I stopped by today to drop a few things off and obviously couldn't resist browsing to see if there was anything awesome. I spotted a cute blue dress and was like "Wow! I used to have one just like that!" But then I spotted another dress that I used to have... and another... and a top, and a pair of boots and yet another dress... And then I realized that they were ALL things that I sold in a yard sale earlier this year. Tons of items that I sold for 50 cents or a dollar now bearing $8-10 price tags. All I could do was laugh.

6. Spicy black bean veggie burgers from Morning Star, you guys. Trust me on this one. I just kind of ate 4 over the course of 2 days.

7. Since we're all pretty soccer obsessed right now, I have to mention that my beloved (soon to be MLS!) Orlando City Soccer acquired the superstar Brazillian player Kaka yesterday!

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8. This is the yoga pose I am currently working towards:

Another article on working towards Kurmasana.

My shoulders are possibly my least flexible area, so this is HARD. Loving the challenge, though.


9. Favorite quote this week.

10. I have a reality TV rant. Last night on The Bachelorette, one of the dudes went down to the hotel front desk claiming that he lost his room key and couldn't remember his room number. He gave the desk clerk the Bachelorette's name, claiming the room was under "his wife's name". And the lady at the desk is all "Oh, your room is 602!" There's so much wrong with the whole thing that I CANT EVEN. Ignoring the fact that given that there's a TV show going on, the staff would obviously know who Andi was and that this guy is not "her husband" (and that due to privacy for filming the room probably wouldn't even BE under her name)... THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. When the front desk woman looked up the room, she would have clearly seen that Andi was the only name listed for it. You would never give someone info for a room that doesn't have THEIR name listed. Plus, she said the room number out loud, which is also a big no-no. (Although I have seen poorly trained front desk people do that a lot.) I know that a lot of this show is staged for the camera, but things like this totally ruin any suspension of disbelief I had going.

Okay, peeps! I have a US/Belgium game to watch!

Is anyone interested in 10 Things being a linkup again? If so, let me know! (And if you did it this week, leave your link in the comments so I can check it out!)

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What a fun post! I haven't done a 10 Things on Tuesday post before, but I'd be interested in doing a link-up in the future for sure.