Tuesday, July 08, 2014

10 Things On Tuesday - Volume 15

Note: Super sorry if this is appearing in your feed again! This is July 8th's post, which I somehow managed to totally delete by hitting something weird on the blogger app on my phone! Thank goodness for Google's cached copy! Whew!


1. Did you all survive the 4th of July? (If you have crazy "I nearly did NOT survive, dude!" stories to tell, I want to hear them!) I am somehow still alive despite the following factors:

a) 5 days of family
b) The multi-day headache of doom that resulted from letter a.
c) Every dog in my neighborhood barking for three solid nights, due to the fact that they thought the world was ending. (Goes well with b.)
d) Did I mention family? It was the kind of weekend that resulted in messages to my hetero-lifemate Katie of the "You would totally help me hide a body, right?" variety.
e) Neighbors down the street who I assume either exploded themselves or something fairly important, given the number of sirens that zoomed their way.
f) The fact that I had to brave Wal-Mart on July 3rd. Plus the fact that I live on a lake and it's a summer holiday.

2. That was a lot of ranting. And I don't think my 10 Things has ever had a sub-list before! Neat. Anyway, the highlight of the 4th weekend silliness (for me, at least, probably not for others involved) was when my middle sister brought back a pretty large (like hand-sized) piece of meat from a meal out with other family people and was not smart enough to hide it somewhere safe from cats (aka on the moon, because nowhere closer than that IS cat safe.) At one point I walked into the kitchen and saw my kitten Tennyson playing with something. Yep, he stole her leftover steak thingy. The thing about Ten is that if you give him something like a piece of meat (super rare for him to get), he won't just eat it... he wants to hunt and kill it. You guys, that little kitten spent a solid hour with this thing, throwing it up in the air and across the room, running after it, attacking, etc. It was basically the best thing I've seen in ages.

A video of Tennyson with a little piece of chicken a few months ago, to give you an idea.

3. Can we talk about Tim Howard for a second? If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've probably already said most of what can be said about his awesome record setting goal blocking in the World Cup game against Belgium. Seriously though, that was super rad. If only that game had gone to penalty kicks instead of being settled in overtime, we would have totally won.

This was probably the best thing I saw on Twitter that day:

And "Tim Howard saving things" has basically become my new favorite meme. 

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4. One of my favorite old Orlando bands (and favorite bands in general, really) is reuniting for one show at House of Blues next month, and I really want to go. Life was so much easier when I lived practically across the street from Downtown Disney! Seriously though, if I can find a cheap enough flight, I am seriously considering it. Haven't gotten to see them play since 2010! (You can see a video I shot at Hard Rock Live of my favorite song from their CD here!)

5. I spent a few really enjoyable hours this weekend reading through the archives of 27 Months Without Peanut Butter, the blog of a woman who spent two years in Jordan with the Peace Corps. Reading about cultural differences is always fun. It's filled with both moments of humor and moments of heartbreak. One quote that amused me, about the animals at the school where she's teaching:
"There are four rabbits, and their names are Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Falafel, and Hummus. The teachers named them."
6. I had nearly as much fun reading through the similarly named A Year Without Peanut Butter, written by a woman volunteering in Colombia. Apparently expat bloggers take their protein seriously!

7. Given that the vast majority of my friends are in Orlando, my Facebook and Twitter feeds have been flooded with pics of the new Diagon Alley area at Universal these past few days! I do wish that Universal could find a way to make these parts of the parks more interactive, though. Hogsmeade is super pretty and cool to look at, but there's not all that much to actually do. I want to be able to actually interact with the environment, not just snap cool photos of it, you know?

8. Just in case you're keeping track, I have yet to wear anything from that box of jewelry I posted about two weeks ago.

9. These 10 Things posts seem to be the only blogging I've been doing lately! As soon as I recover from the nuttiness of having family around all weekend, I resolve to do better. (I know, the whole "Sorry I've been a bad blogger!" apology is the ultimate blogging cliche.) I actually just went to finish up a skirt I've been working on so that I could post the before and after (and also you know, wear it...) and I found that someone moved it from my sewing machine. I spent over half an hour searching everywhere and still haven't tracked it down! Not delighted.

10. Pretty much my only plans for today are to go to the library, buy green tea and water, and watch the Brazil/Germany World Cup game. It's exactly the kind of day I need to get my head on straight again before going back to being productive tomorrow.

That's it for this week! If you wrote a 10 Things post too, link up below!

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