Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 17

1. I finally had a doctor's appointment today that I scheduled back in early June! It was originally about a month before they could get me in, but then the doctor's schedule kept changing and they kept having to reschedule me, so I've now been waiting a month and a half. Oh, health care, you're such a blast. Anyway, that's why this post isn't going up until so late in the day - I've been all over the place today!

2. Google Maps cracks me up sometimes. I like that it's all "Now, if you really want to drive to Nashville, that's fine, but for a ton of money you could get there an hour slower by flying!" (I don't think I'm going to Nashville, btw. Unless I change my mind? I was mostly trying to figure out a route to Florida that involved a lot less time in Arkansas.)

3. I got paid to eat fast food yesterday, and was again astounded by how expensive it has gotten. I won't name the establishment since it was a mystery shopper job, but let's just say that my six nuggets of chicken (ambiguous enough?), medium fries and medium drink came to almost $7. Isn't the entire point of fast food supposed to be that it's cheap? When did this happen? Other than the occasional Taco Bell craving every few months, I don't really eat fast food unless I'm getting paid to do so, so I'm really not accustomed to spending more than $3. Why wouldn't you go somewhere with real food if you're going to spend seven dollars?! You could totally get unlimited soup and breadsticks at Olive Garden for the same price. (Okay, that probably still doesn't qualify as "real food" but you get the idea.)

4. Okay, fine, I confess that I'm considering a road trip. Oh, how quickly I seem to have forgotten the nightmare that was my drive down to New Orleans, and the sleeping at a truck stop that followed. Road trips must be like giving birth - you know that whole thing where apparently mothers forget that it hurt like a mofo and just decide they want another baby? Apparently I forget that my ass was numb for several days after I made it home and all of the vows I made about never driving that kind of distance again, even if you paid me, and only remember how nice it is to go somewhere cool. (To be fair, I probably wouldn't be driving 15 straight hours or sleeping with truckers this time. Probably.)

5. All of my Orlando friends keep posting Diagon Alley pics on FB and Twitter, and it's killing me! Gotta get back to Hogwarts! (You get bonus points if that sentence made you break into song.)

6. This is a slightly lame thing to report, but I just replaced the blog idea notebook that Jasper spilled an entire cup of tea on a few weeks ago. I had put so much effort into picking out the perfect legal pad, outlined everything in sections, and then barely got to use it! I know it's nerdy, but I'm looking forward to doing my best to make out the blurry pages of the tea stained old one and copy things into the fresh, pretty new notebook.

7. Are any of you guys watching The Bachelorette? I haven't blogged about it much this season, but it's almost finale time! I don't really see the appeal of either of the final two but I'm hoping that she picks Josh. The letter from one of the final two that they showed on last night's Men Tell All special was intriguing! Also, I am really, really looking forward to hate watching Bachelor in Paradise. It's going to be so terrible, but Marcus is going to be half naked, so that's ok.

8. You know that doctor appointment today? The clinic hat I go to is awesome in that they try to give you free samples of your medication if possible to save you some $. That happened to me today, but rather than little sample packs, they handed me two ziplock baggies full of pills. I wish I could explain why I found this so hilarious, but you'll just have to trust me. I enjoyed texting people "I have been given baggies of drugs!" I possibly need to get out more.

9. This is my current nail color, in case you are super curious. I wanted something that kind of screamed bright summery colorfulness. Yes, I just painted them last night and it's already chipped. It's from the OPI James Bond collection, but I'm not sure which color this is!

10. I think I've apologized for my lack of blogging recently, but here's another apology! I really do have about three posts that are nearly complete, and if my plans for next month fall into place the way I'm hoping, there are going to be a LOT of fun posts to follow! (Oooh, intrigue!) Basically, this is a thanks for sticking with me this month even though these Tuesday posts are pretty much all I've been managing!

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