Wednesday, July 30, 2014

12 Unusual Disney World Photos

As someone who has spent more time at Walt Disney World than most people, I'm now much less likely to snap the "classic" photos and more likely to capture pictures of the unusual little details that you probably woulndn't recognize as being Disney at first (or even second) glance. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite unusual Disney photos from over the years!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Streets of America

San Francisco Street - DHS

Disney went through a phase of having incredibly creepy mannequins.

 Speaking of creepy...

  Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

 Coronado Springs Resort pool

Hollywood Studios

Ice Station Cool - Epcot

China - Epcot

Maharajah Jungle Trek - Animal Kingdom

Swan Resort

In line for Kali River Rapids

Belle's Library - Epcot

I might have to do another set of these soon, I have WAY too many photos!


Robert Bradford said...

These are great! Makes me want to go back to Orlando!

Rachel said...

Some of these little details I've noticed, some I haven't, but all of the shots gave me a smile!

Stephanie Clinton said...

Love these! I haven't been to DW in ages but this looks like something I would do. Fun! Stopping by from the SITs Saturday Sharefest. :)

MrsTee said...

So Cool! we just got back from Disney and i took so many photos and it is great to catch that shot that may not be the norm but is just as fun!

Amy Jo Pendergrass said...

Always fun to see unique shots taken at Disney World! Glad I stopped by via the SITSGirls share fest today.

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Interesting photos!

I love Disney World.

Sammy said...

LOVE Disney! and LOVE your pictures! I could look at pictures of Disney all day! It so is the happiest place on earth! Popping over from the #SITSBlogging linkup!! :)
Sammy from @peacelovecream