Saturday, July 26, 2014

DCP Vloggers

I have an odd hobby - I love Disney College Program vlogs. (If you're unfamiliar, college students can spend a semester living and working at Disney in a paid internship, often for credit! We get a TON of DCPs each year who work at Disney World or Disneyland for around 4-6 months. I never did the program, just went straight into full time.) They used to be fairly rare, but now that everyone has video and easy uploading on their phones (and almost everyone has a camera that shoots video), they've become abundant. It's so much fun to watch people get all excited about going to work for Disney, hearing about which job they get, how they like their roommates, etc. )

There are SO many vloggers who make a dozen pre-program vlogs about how excited they are but then totally fizzle out once they're there. It's actually kind of funny to watch it follow the pattern - a ton of videos before they leave, a video about check-in and getting their apartment, usually an apartment tour, a video about training, and then.... almost without fail, a video that's like "OMG, I can't believe I haven't made a video in 6 weeks!" And quite often nothing else until they're back home at the end of the program, sharing their reflections. And even worse are the ones who totally disappear after their first few videos! It's sad to get invested in someone's story and then never get to hear what happened, like an interesting TV show getting canceled after the first month.

The people I'm listing below make this list of links because they stuck with it and took us along on their journeys from start to finish, and are fun to watch! 

Angelina worked Merchandise at Epcot in Fall 2013.

Amy's DCP is one of my favorites because she made fun videos and there were a ton of them! (Also merchandise, but at Downtown Disney.)

Roxanne is nearing the end of her program in lifeguarding, but will be staying in Orlando doing something else!

Kelsie Doing Disney has a ton of videos that are a mix of vlogs and informative videos. (Photopass Fall 2011)

AmyPuddlesDCP is super fun to watch (another merch person!)

You have to scroll down a bit to get to the DCP videos since it's been a while, but Raisa did the Disneyland program in Spring 2012 and WDW in Spring 2013.

And Chelseacoe has a huge personality, and did merchandise at Port Orleans back in 2011!

There are a zillion others out there, these are just a few that I've enjoyed recently! If you know of another awesome DCP (or Disney cast in general) vlogger I should be watching, let me know! I will definitely be vlogging my whole moving and work experience when I move back. (Hopefully soon? C'mon, winning the lottery!)

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MrsTee said...

Wow! This is really cool! I never even heard of this before. I have subscribed to all o them :D