Monday, July 14, 2014

Fall Couture Fashion Week!

Now that the World Cup is over, I can catch up on drooling over (and occasionally shaking my head at) everything that came out of Fall 2014 couture fashion week! Here are a few highs and lows:

I'm not a huge wearer of polka dots, but I think Armani Prive rocked this one! I'd swap out the shorts for a black skirt of a similar length or slim fitting black pants. I get the theory of mixing in those larger scale dots, but I'm not a fan of it visually. Plus, there were so many unflattering pleated shorts in this collection. Bleh.

How is this even from the same collection? You know how you tend to get brilliant ideas in the shower? If one of those ideas is "I should make a dress that looks like this thing I'm washing myself with!" you should possibly reconsider.

So here's the thing... I don't usually like Dior much. And I don't usually like primarily white/black/neutral collections much. But I liked a lot of this collection. Not necessarily in an "I want to wear that!" way, but in an "I see what you did there, and I appreciate it." way.

This Alexis Mabille dress, you guys. This is pretty much perfection, other than the fact that my boobs would never fit in it. 

I want to walk in a Schiaparelli show. Someone please make this happen for me.

This Alexandre Vauthier creation falls into that category of things that I wouldn't necessarily say that I like, but that are so visually itnerresting that I want to spend a while staring at them. It reminds me a little bit of the era of cyberpunk! Dying to know what the texture of that dress feels like.

I started to pick a couple of looks from this Viktor & Rolf collection to discuss, but seriously all I could do was shake my head at the screen while saying out loud, "I fucking love fashion." So here's a screencap of a bunch of them. Hopefully you'll have the same reaction. This is only about half of the collection, but I think you get the idea.

Loved this Valentino dress, and the shoe choice is spot on.

More Valentino couture - I can't explain why, but I'ma little obsessed with this look. I think it's mostly because that's a really amazing green, but a few other looks in the collection use the same fabric and I'm not that into them - there's something else that I can't pinpoint. It's just great. 

I wish that technology would advance to the point that we could start illegally downloading clothes already.

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