Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fan Shirt Fail

Have you ever had a DIY project that turned into a total disaster?

I found this purple top among the random thrifted clothes that I've picked up for various projects and thought it might be fun to turn it into something to wear to an Orlando City Soccer game, since purple is our color. This was supposed to be a super simple project (especially compared to what I tend to get into!) to do in a couple of hours one evening. Basically all I wanted to do was take the shirt in a bit since it was a little large, and then use a bleach pen to write "Orlando City" across the front. I figured that I'd figure out some other kind of embellishment after that to make it less boring.

Did a super quick alteration to make the shape a little more flattering...

And then used a white eyeliner to mark little dots approximately where I wanted the lettering to start and end. (Probably not the best tool for the job, but these are like $1, so whatever.)

You can probably guess from the title of this post that things did not go as planned. First, I thought that the bleach pen I picked up was the felt tip kind like the Tide ones, but LOL NOPE. This one squirts out a messy gel, and the second I managed to pry the lid off, a blob of said bleach gel flew all over the place, including on my shirt that I was wearing. Noooooooooo!

Not awful, but definitely some little white dots! Arrgh!

The gel was pretty impossible to write with, so my O came out looking like this. I decided to see how it would look after the bleach did its thing before trying any more letters. Good thing, because...

Yup, that's one splotchy, neon pink O. This was not working at all, so I went BACK to the store and got a different bleach pen, in hopes that the felt tip kind would be much easier.

This, if you can even see it, is how the R turned out. Not exactly what I was going for here. You guys, I had ten times better results the time I made a design on a shirt using regular old bleach on a q-tip! Do NOT listen to Pinterest when it tells you to use bleach pens! PINTEREST LIES!

So, now I have this purple tank top with one weird pink O on it. What do I do now?? Go back to the good old regular bleach method? Give up on bleach and use glittery gold t-shirt paint or something? Buy an Orlando City sticker and just slap it on the shirt over the funky O? There has to be some kind of solution to this. If you have one, let me know!

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