Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - Volume 18

1. Just when I have approximately zero spare dollars to spend on anything non-essential, Bath and Body Works has a new candle that I need in my life immediately.

Plus all of the pumpkiny fall scents are back, AND there's a sea salt caramel popcorn candle that I'm pretty sure will change my life. I am sooooo wishing that I was one of those people with disposable income right now.

2. You know that I'm a nerd because I refuse to leave for my upcoming road trip until after the date of Missouri's primary elections. Not gonna miss voting!

3. Took my car to the mechanic this week to get the wipers fixed. As luck would have it, he couldn't get them to NOT work to figure out what was wrong. Arrgh!

4. I can't remember if I've mentioned it here, but @_FloridaMan is one of my favorite Twitters. It's filled with the kind of nutty news stories that Florida is famous for, but it's most amusing when you read it as if it's talking about a terrible superhero called Florida Man. Example:

That third one, ohhhhh man. I saw that on the Rachel Maddow show last week, and... wow. Just wow. Embarrassed for my state.

5. Judging by Twitter tonight, there's a possibility of Arie being the next Bachelor! Now THAT would be a season I'd enjoy watching!

6. This is my current favorite gif:

7. You can't stop watching that, can you? It's ok, neither can I.

8. Speaking of adorable cats, this isnt' the best quality of video, but this is my Bear Cat freaking out because I am holding his toy under the glass of the coffee table and he can't get to it:

9. I got sucked into playing Guess the Emoji on Facebook. Most are super easy, but every now and then one totally stumps me. (I totally had to cheat to get the Gangnam Style one!)

10. In anticipation of my upcoming road trip, I'm thinking about great driving music. What makes up your perfect road trip playlist? Classic rock or energetic pop or country ballads to match the rural scenery? Share your favorite driving tunes in the comments!

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