Tuesday, August 05, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 19

1. Since nothing starts out a blog post (or anyting on the internet, really) as well as a cat photo, here's what Tennyson looked like when I walked into the living room a few minutes ago:

"Are you sure you're comfortable?" I asked him. He usually naps curled up in a ball on the couch, so finding him kicked back on his back, paws in the air, dreaming away cracked me up, which woke him up. I also can't believe how BIG he looks here! His first birthday is coming up in about a week, but I still think of him as my teeny tiny kitten!

2. It's primary election day in Missouri! Was pretty psyched to get TWO stickers this year instead of one. BONUS!

3. Speaking of the election, can I tell you how proud and excited I was to see a 26 year old woman running for my district's representative seat? Women currently make up less than 20% of congress. How is that fair representation? Hell yeah I voted for her! I sadly don't think she has a great chance, but it's encouraging just to see her on the ballot! (Update - As of almost 10 pm, 62% of votes are in and she actually has 44%! She's doing way better than I expected! So encouraged by that!)

4. I only slept half an hour last night and grabbed a 2 hour nap this afternoon, so I'm a little bit out of it. Oh well, the blog must go on!

5. I had a totally frustrating car maintenance experience yesterday. I mentioned taking it in to get the wipers checked last week - at that time the mechanic told me there was a brake thingy (hose, I think?) dragging and told me it would be about $250 to fix. I took my car to a different place yesterday to get a second opinion, and they said nothing about anything dragging, but that I need new rotors (among a buttload of other repairs) that totaled almost $900. After getting over the sticker shock, I started looking at the estimate a little more closely and realize that they had replacing the air filter listed at $26 PLUS labor costs. I happen to know that the air filter for my car is $12.50 at Walmart and that they'll install it for free there. They also listed a total of $117 for replacing the serpentine belt. A quick stop at the auto parts store told me that the belt for my car is $24, and it takes approximately 10 minutes to replace, if that. 

I. Am. Pissed. I'm pretty laid back in general, but trying to take advantage of people like that is SO not okay. Knowing that they marked those two things up by more than double what they should cost, I no longer trust anything they told me. If you think nothing of charging $117 for what should be (at most) a $50 job, then why should I believe that you aren't just telling me that I need new rotors so that I'll spend a ton of money getting it done? Anyway, I found a coupon online for a free brake inspection at Pep Boys, so I might go do that tomorrow. The closest Pep Boys is like 40+ miles away in Springfield, but....

6. There is now a Moe's in Springfield!! Moe's is one of the things that I miss MOST about living in Orlando. (You know, other than like, Disney World and all of my friends and stuff.) I'm obsessed to the point that this is one of my most treasured photos from my trip home back in November/December: 

Yeah, I don't even bother getting a burrito or taco or anything most of the time, I just want a giant cup of queso and countless little plastic cups of salsa. I will dig into this with unparalleled joy. (I'm such a low maintenance date, how am I single?) So yeah. I am planning to drive 80 miles round trip for a) free brake inspection and b) liquidy cheese and salsa. #ThugLife

7. Due to the car problems above, my road trip plans have to be moved around a bit! I was planning to leave on Thursday, but it doesn't seem likely that I'll have things fixed in time. And I guess that brakes and belts that make all kinds of things work and like.. tires that aren't falling apart are all important if you're driving over 2,000 miles? I'm pretty bummed because there were several things going on in the next week or so that I really wanted to be home for, but c'est la vie. 

8. While planning this road trip (which is kind of growing to epic proportions - I really hate driving to FL and back so I've been trying to figure out routes and stops that make it more fun) I keep getting distracted by planning another New Orleans trip for this fall. There are few things I love as much as planning travel, so I'm pretty happy having a billion different hotel review tabs open at once!

9. I did not buy any clothes at the thrift store bag sale today. I've been going every month for like 2 years now, and this is only the second time I've walked out empty handed. (I usually end up with 30-40 items for $5.) It's probably a good thing, since my "to alter" pile is still ginormous, but it feels weird. I did, however, find this gem for 25 cents!

I kind of collect old guidebooks. Can't wait to flip through this one to see what has changed and what is the same!

10. Are any of you guys watching Bachelor in Paradise? The premiere last night was such a beautiful trainwreck. Horrible reality TV was exactly what I needed after the crazy car stuff! I think it's going to be a giant guilty pleasure!

If you did a 10 Things list this week, be sure to leave me the link so I can visit!

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Rachel said...

Did you get your car fixed up yet? I read my husband the quote they gave you and the things that needed fixing and he just started laughing. He was like--if you even need new rotors you can order them off ebay and watch a youtube video of how to put them on yourself because it basically just involves changing a tire. We've definitely found that eventually you just have to find a really good mechanic you can trust and keep going back to him for your work if you want to get a reasonable price.