Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 20

1. Sunday was my kitten Tennyson's first birthday! He's officially a cat now! I can't believe how quickly he has grown up!
Photo: Happy birthday Tennyson! No longer a kitten, officially a cat! Calling it his cat mitzvah. (Yes, he is wearing a bow tie.)

Yes, I made him wear a tie for his birthday photo. It's funny how much he looks like Bear here! He's still probably less than half of Bear's size/weight! I think he's always going to be a little guy. 

2. I was totally shocked (I think we all were) to hear the news about Robin Williams yesterday. It's really sad to lose his talent and unique voice from this world. It's also a reminder of how much people can be struggling even when they show the world a different face.

3. I've embraced the fact that my second home state of Florida is always in the news with crazy things, but this time it's my original home state of Missouri. Unfortunately it's not the kooky kind of headline Florida tends to get. Police brutality has been in the news a lot lately, and what went down in the St. Louis area of Ferguson is really disturbing, as are some of the actions of the public in protest. Here's hoping that things calm down for that community quickly, and that the investigation brings about the truth.

4. This is my quote for this week. I think I'm ready for big change.

5. I've written about half of this post with Tenny crawling all over me. He is too big to perch on my shoulder like he did as a baby, but he still likes me to sling him over it and let him just hang out there, so that's happening as I type.

6. I haven't watched ANY of Shark Week yet. I need to get on that.

7. My delayed road trip plans are coming together! It's going to be pretty epic! I'll do a post about my plans as soon as I get details ironed out, but I'm pretty excited. It's the kind of trip I've been needing in all kinds of ways. Plus it will result in a lot of really fun things to blog about! Maybe I'll even get back into vlogging?

8. Speaking of plans, if everything goes as currently planned, my next couple of months are going to be crazy. Road trip will take up most of the first half of September, crazy city-wide yard sale will most likely suck out my soul for a good chunk of the second half, and then New Orleans in early or mid October, *possibly* followed by a quick jaunt to Orlando to indulge in Food & Wine Festival at Epcot if I have enough spare airline miles. (A pretty solid chance!)

9. If you are a busty person, I need you to tell me where you find awesome swimsuit tops immediately. My search has been ridiculous. I'm not even that picky, all I want is something that actually holds up and covers (at least most of) my chest and is not a million dollars or hideous. Finding a flock of synchronized swimming Loch Ness monsters is easier than finding a swimsuit top. (I will have your baby if you will illustrate that for me.) (Not really, I'm not into babies. But I'll probably make out with you.)

10. I just browsed my bookshelf for a good beach reading book and grabbed an Elizabeth I biography. I know how to party.

Be sure to leave me your link in the comments if you do a 10 Things list this week! I love reading them!


theaccidentalmama.com said...

I really like some of Forever 21 (Plus size) tops and they are super cheap. LuluLemon also has some good ones. And believe it or not Victoria's Secret has some great tops for busty ladies!
The Accidental Mama

Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Tennyson! Your roadtrip plans sound great. Everyone needs a good roadtrip once in a while. Visiting from SITS today. Hope you have a good weekend!