Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 21

1. Yikes, you guys! I just now (a little after 5 pm) realized that this is Tuesday and I'm supposed to be posting 10 things. Oops. Sometimes the week just gets away from me!

2. I will confess that after over a week of being glued to Twitter for live updates from Ferguson, I have become a total fangirl for most of the journalists on the ground there covering the events. I spend so much time wrapped up in it that they (as well as the local leaders and residents I follow) feel like friends, to the point that when I spot someone on TV I get all excited like I'm spotting a friend. "HEY!" I yell to no one in particular, since it's just me and the cats watching TV together, "That was Antonio helping clean up that street! HI ANTONIO!" Yeah. I'm that big of a nerd.

So, this kinda made my day:

Matt is the LA Times journalist I mentioned in my "Who to follow on Twitter for Ferguson news" post a few days ago and currently ranks just below Chris Hayes on my list of journalist crushes this week.

3. Speaking of Chris, his live show last night caused me to have a really important revelation. While he was in the middle of his broadcast, a few people started yelling at him to "Tell the real story!", and a few threw rocks through the fence around the media area at him.

Here's the really important part: Chris didn't get mad. He basically shrugged and said "There's a lot of anger." And then something really important happened: The man reporting with him (I'm so sorry that I don't know his name) took the mic over to the fence and interviewed the people. I can not tell you how quickly the tone changed. Instantly, the people who stopped to talk on air lit up. They calmly and respectfully told their side of what was up. And their faces lit up with the glow of people who were finally being listened to.

I think that one of the biggest things people want - not just in a protest situation like this, but in life - is to be heard. They want someone to take a few minutes to listen to them, to hear their story. They want the feeling, if only for a few minutes, that someone actually gives a damn about them. I'm going to try to remember that from now on, and make a real point of taking a few minutes to listen to someone's story as often as I can.

4. Okay, let's move on to less serious stuff. I am still deep in road trip planning mode! If all goes well, I'll be setting off for adventure before the end of this month. If the amount of tension my chiropractor just did his best to whack out of my body is any indication, I need a freaking vacation. Even though a big chunk of this trip will be devoted to researching some things that I really want to blog about or write about for other outlets, it will still be the closest thing to vacation that I've had in ages!

5. My current YouTube addiction is book vlogger booksandquills.She's a Dutch 20-something living in London, and has been the cause of about a dozen new books being added to my to read list!

6. Speaking of books, I just picked this up at the library despite the fact that I'm in the middle of like four other books:

Given that I'm approximately 1/3 Native American (there's some fuzzy math involved), I haven't read as much about most tribes as I'd like to, so I'm excited for this one!

7. I discovered a group called Cotton Wine this week because their songs were used in a vlog I watched on YouTube, and I kinda love them. This song is my favorite so far, even though the video is kinda sucky. 

8. As soon as I finish this post, I'm about to go curl up in bed with a book and an ice pack. My back is killing me today, even though I just got it adjusted. So oww. I need to do productive things, but the headache of doom is making it impossible.

9. My plans for tonight involve contacting some hotels on the FL gulf coast to see if I can work something about about staying there in exchange for blogging about them, because I can not imagine anything better than a day or two at the beach right now! It's August and I'm still absurdly pale. 

10. Between being glued to the news all week and trying to do a ton of work so I can afford my upcoming travels, I'm frazzled. I would love if you'd leave me a comment telling me about something awesome! I need some good news!


Girl Brooks said...

That song! It's haunting - they've got such an awesome vibe.

inaworldofbees.com said...

Your Road trip sounds like so much fun! I really want to do one someday! I can't wait to see your posts on it!



Stephanie Cox said...

I love the idea of using your blog to get a beach stay. Genius!

Paris Anderson said...

I always love learning about bloggers

Laura Nelson said...

Ah I need new books so bad! I totally need to go watch her videos! Is it just me, or do Europeans really just have the best taste in books (/everything)?

Storybook Apothecary said...

that song is AWESOME!

Dano M said...

Love that song! Thanks for the suggestion!

Lisa Speer said...

Wow what a great thing to do. I may just do my own take on this.
Goofball Mommy

Giselle Rochford said...

So I totally got distracted by the book vlogger so many thanks for that recommendation :)
Heading back to finish reading the rest of your post now haha

May MessyMoney said...

good idea with the Hotels. I didn't realize people could do that. I will have to keep that in mind.

Southern Fried Mouth said...

That song is so good!! And I hear ya on being pale, I have no real excuse because I live in Hawaii!