Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - Volume 22

1. Yes, I missed TWO weeks of doing 10 Things! In a row! Oops. 

2. I can't believe U2 basically pulled a Beyonce and released their album today! FOR FREE. It took about half an hour of fighting with iTunes, but I finally got it to download! Listening now. No stand out favorites yet, but I'm sure some songs will grow on me more than others. I really hope this means tour plans soon! I miss my U2 tour buddies!

3. It is entirely possible that I drove an extra 20 miles yesterday to run errands in Springfield instead of Branson entirely because I recently found out that a Moe's opened there. Moe's is one of the main things I miss about Orlando, and I've been missing it ever since I left! I can't tell you how happy I was to stuff myself with chips, salsa, and queso! (Yep, I rarely even get a burrito or anything, just gimmie queso and tons of salsa!) Now I just need a Tijuana Flats nearby and I can grow fat and happy.

4. Speaking of my super healthy eating habits, I'm kinda addicted to the Cinnabon bite things from Taco Bell. SO GOOD. Especially with coffee. I just wish there was a size between the 4 and 12 packs.

5. I'm thinking about replacing my phone. I almost NEVER replace my technology stuff until the old one is 100% dead because a) I'm poor, and b) I just can't buy into the culture of being convinced we "need" the latest updated thing constantly. My phone has been a little off ever since I dropped it in the bathtub several months ago, though, and it's just getting wonkier. For instance, people can only hear me on calls if I use speakerphone. THAT is annoying. The mic also barely works for video. And recently my notifications haven't been quite right for almost every app. The price of my exact phone has dropped a LOT since I got it back in December - I can get it on sale for like $50 now, so it's not a huge investment comparatively. But ugh, I can also survive without replacing it for a while longer, and I have way better uses for that $. Yes? No? Maybe?

6. In case you didn't notice, I ended up just going to Arkansas for the long Labor Day weekend instead of off on my much longer road trip. I decided that what I really needed right now was a fun but chill getaway that wasn't a crazy huge drive. Ended up in Bentonville and Eureka Springs, which are only about 90 min and an hour away from me respectively. It worked out to be a perfect balance of doing interesting things and just hanging out relaxing. Several posts about my shenanigans are in the works!

7. Part of the reason I decided to delay major road trip action is that I'm STILL dealing with car stuff. I finally got the wipers fixed (yay!) and the belt replaced, but I still need my brakes to stop squealing and the cracked tire replaced, and I think I also need the tires aligned/balanced because my car is doing that really charming thing where it shakes when I go 60-65 mph. D'oh! Fingers crossed I can tackle all of those things soon - I have places to go and things to see!

8. Do any of you guys have an Instagram for your blog (or business), and also a personal account? Having two works out really well for following different groups of people, but I can never decide what to post to each one. Suggestions?

9. Kitten gif of the week:

10. I'm working on a Fashion Week post, but every time I browse through an awesome collection, it makes me want to abandon everything and go spend all day at my sewing machine! I really need to create something new soon!

Happy Tuesday, peeps! <3 p="">

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