Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Overdue Update

Yeah, I've been missing for like two weeks. Sorry about that.

You may have seen on my blog's Facebook page that my mom is in the hospital. She was sick for several days last week and I completely exhausted myself (and totally screwed up my back) taking care of her. Nothing makes you appreciate things like a hot meal and a shower like realizing you haven't had either in three days. I finally convinced her to go to the hospital on Thursday, probably mostly because I pretty much broke down crying from exhaustion while trying to get her to eat breakfast. The ambulance came and picked her up, I texted my sister the info about the hospital she was going to, and then immediately ran to throw up from the stress, which went on for about the next 24 hours. (Have I ever mentioned that my body likes to totally shut down under stress? The entire day of vomiting thing is sadly pretty familiar.)

Turns out that there were a lot of factors at play. Mom's doctor had put her on a new medication and she had a bad reaction to it. (The first day she took it she slept for almost an entire day, which totally freaked me out, but once it wore off she was fine. I guess that taking it again put her body over the edge?) She also had some kind of infection, as well as some digestive issues going on. She's not young and she's small, so it all ganged up on her pretty quickly.

She's been in the hospital since Thurs, and three of my sisters have been keeping her company (two pretty much full time, one for a while yesterday.) I am still feeling pretty gross, but did make it over once to check in on her the day that the others couldn't be there. I was still pretty much too dizzy to drive, but I would have felt awful if she'd been there with no visitors all day.

She's getting a little bit of strength back, but it's going to be a while before she's back to being able to take care of herself, so within the next few days she's going to move to a nursing home for about a month. I'm not a fan of that idea, but she needs a lot of care right now, so it's the best option. Luckily there was a spot open at the place just 2 miles from where I live, so getting over there to spend time will be pretty easy.

It's been rough, you guys. Worrying about someone you love is kind of the worst. I think that we're all especially freaked out because when our dad went to the hospital ten years ago, he never came back. Even though that was a totally different situation (he had a pretty major stroke), it's hard not to feel the echos of those emotions, to keep catching the little similarities. It's scary. And I think it makes us all react differently than if we'd not had that previous experience.

I had a kinda sucky reminder of just what stress does to my brain yesterday. (I have some anxiety issues, they blow.) While my sister was here doing some laundry, I ran out to the store to pick up some groceries and household essential stuff. Pulled up to Walmart and decided that I'd get gas first, since as usual my low fuel light had been on for like 20 miles. Of course, as soon as I finished putting gas in and went to get back in the car, I realized that I didn't have my keys. They were inside the (locked) car, on top of my purse. Cell phone? Also in the car. Gas station's phone couldn't make outgoing calls, so I went into Walmart, where the service desk told me that their phone couldn't either, but that the one back in electronics could. Some very kind people standing nearby offered to let me use their cell phone. (Love you, random people!) Of course, I couldn't remember part of my sister's cell number. I knew the last 4 digits, but the first 3 were totally escaping me. Instead I called the house phone, but no answer, and the lovely phone loaning people were ready to leave. I finally figured out that I could call the hospital where my other sister was (the desk had a phone book, yay!) and have her call the sister at my house to tell her where my spare key was. WHEW.

Of course, I forgot that I had MOVED the key a few weeks ago, so despite my very precise directions, she couldn't find it. Since she couldn't call me (no phone!), she ended up calling the gas station (where she knew I was waiting for her to bring the key), who came on the intercom and asked the person at pump 16 to come answer a call. We decided she would come and get me, drive me home, and then take me back to my car. The whole crazy thing took over 2 hours from the time I got locked out of the car to when I was able to get back in, and then I still had the shopping to do! I think it's best summed up by what I said to my sister as she pulled up to the gas station to pick me up- "My week is going REALLY WELL! How about yours?"

So that's what's up here lately. I've been trying to balance taking care of everything at mom's house with not letting myself get so stressed that I end up in the hospital, too. (Been there, done that. Twice.) It's exhausting. I'm just now getting around to trying to catch up on work, too. (Apologies if the sponsored posts outweigh the more personal ones for a bit, I've fallen behind and don't want to let the lovely people that help me afford cat food down.)

A lot of people in my life (and strangers) have been really awesome and supportive, which is especially wonderful since there are a few who (not unexpectedly) have been less than kind. But we're all human, and I think we're all trying to do the best that we can.

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