Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean All The Things!

Keeping your own house clean is hard. Keeping yours AND someone else's up to par is exhausting, y'all.

It's now been over six weeks since mom went to the hospital and then nursing home, and I am SO happy that she's supposed to get to come home next week, because keeping up with both my house and hers is wearing me out! Beyond the original life maintenance stuff that had built up while she was home sick (laundry, dishes) that I took care of right after she went to the hospital, I've been taking care of her half of our herd of cats (as I like to call them), which is a feat onto itself. (Don't believe that stereotype about being meticulous; Cats are messy!) This past week or so I've been focusing on making sure she has a super clean, organized house to come home to that will be easy to get around since she'll need to use a walker or wheelchair for awhile.

This is the collection of stuff that I need to drop off at the thrift store tomorrow. (Cat not included.)

I spent four hours last night working on the living room, and tonight I plan to tackle her bathrooms: cleaning the tub, wiping down bathroom faucets, tossing out expired medicine, etc. How is it that bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house, but the most work to really keep clean?

I'm super excited that an awesome company called Danze is sending me a new showerhead, because my own bathroom needs some love, too! I'm looking forward to having all of the craziness of preparing mom's house completed so that I can focus on my own again! (It's become a wreck this past month or so!) You can bet I'm installing that new one the second it shows up in the mail and taking a long, hot, massage-y shower! (I have a theory that the meanest thing you can wish upon an enemy is the need to hop out of the shower on a cold day to grab forgotten shampoo! I would probably spend all winter in a hot shower if only hot water was infinite.)

This is the showerhead I'll be using in my bathroom soon. I love how the angle of this photo makes it look a little bit like a tiny spaceship. Beam me up, massaging spray!

I am receiving a complimentary item from Danze in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own.


Rose said...

CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: I just recently went through something similar with my mil. She didn't go to a nursing home but she couldn't do anything at her home. I focused on her home like you... organizing and making room for her wheelchair and walker. It would have been nice to have that shower head after all the work I did too :)

barkergirl33 said...

I'd love a nice shower head like that - I hope you review it. I can't imagine cleaning double for an extended period. I took care of my mom's house while she went on a two week vacation and between the dog and cats plus dust and grime ( that seems to magically appear ) it was tough. Especially coming home to 5 cats and 2 teenagers. The kids help but they get so much homework that they barely have a free hour daily. More power to you and best wishes to your mom hoping she gets well and fully recovered. (Raine buzzyngabe ( at ) )

Stacey Roberson said...

I love that shower! I'm in need of a new one for my bathroom, especially one with good massaging pressure. It's nice to come home to a nice, warm shower.