Saturday, November 29, 2014

My First Stitch Fix Review! - November

November 2014 Stitch Fix subscription review

I'll admit that I've been wanting to try Stitch Fix for AGES - I've seen so many reviews on other blogs, and the concept of getting surprise clothing in the mail is just plain fun. However, I'm on a super tight budget, so I was always worried that I'd sign up and not get anything I liked, and thus be out the $20 styling fee (which we all know is enough $ to buy a pretty kickass sweater at Target.) I've just never been able to talk myself into taking that gamble.

However! About a month ago I won a $75 Stitch Fix credit on a blog called 34 Magnolia Street, and I was elated! Finally, a chance to try it out (and with enough credit to at least buy one thing if I liked it!) without worrying about spending my limited money. The weeks of waiting for my first fix seemed to pass SO SLOWLY. It finally arrived the day before Thanksgiving, right on schedule.

If you happen to be unfamiliar, the basic idea with Stitch Fix is that you sign up, fill out a style profile with your likes and dislikes, and they send you a box with 5 items. You keep the items you want and send back what you don't like. (This isn't a sponsored post, btw, but I do get a credit towards my next purchase if you sign up via my link!) You're charged a $20 "styling fee" when your box ships, but if you do end up keeping any items, it goes towards the price. (Shipping is included both ways.) You can leave notes to your stylist in your profile so they have even more info (for instance, I mentioned that being able to wear a bra with tops and dresses is a major necessity, so no strapless or racerback styles, and that I love dresses but never really wear skirts.), and even link them to your Pinterest boards so they can get a better idea of your style. (My Style Pinboard is overflowing with inspiration, so I definitely included my Pinterest link!) From what I've read, the more info you can give them the better, so a lot of people also start a specific Stitch Fix Pinterest board where they can explain exactly what they like and don't like about things they pin. (aka "This sweater is amazing but I would never wear pants that color.") My Stitch Fix Pinterest board is here - I definitely need to add more to it!

A few recent pins from my style pinboard that give you an idea of my style. My best quick description is "Bombshell Bohemian". 

My biggest surprise when I first opened the box was that there seemed to be a total lack of color. I found the red jeans as I dug to the bottom, but the other four pieces were very, verrrry neutral. If you scroll through my style pinboard, you'll see a lot of red dresses, and a sea of teal, peacock blue, emerald green, wine, dusty purple... very little in terms of neutral or drab. However, as I started pulling the items out of the box, I started to think more highly of them, and even checked to see how much it would cost to keep all five. ($271, after the 25% discount you get if you keep all 5.)

Just a note - Sorry about the awful photo quality in this post! Thanksgiving was (obviously) super busy and I worked most of Friday, and I had to mail everything back by Saturday, so I was stuck doing some quick mirror selfies on my phone! Better pics next time.

So, wanna see what I got?

Tart Shay Faux Leather Trim Henley Top - $64

When I first pulled this top out of the box, I thought it was a nice basic piece for layering, and the faux leather detail at the neck was a fun touch.

The fabric is soft and stretchy and feels great against your skin. However, I found a bit of a problem:

Somehow, even though the fabric isn't all that thin, *everything* shows through it. You can clearly see the edges of my pockets and zipper of my jeans through it here. I don't mind fitted tops, but I'd prefer if you can't tell I just ate a burrito for lunch. The fit was great everywhere else and going up a size would have probably helped with the clingy factor, but even without the lumpy-bumpiness, I don't think I could have spent almost $70 on a fairly basic top.

Level 99 Caius Straight Leg Jean - $98

Jeans are SUCH a tough thing to shop for (right up there with swimsuits in my book), so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about these. I was surprised that other than having a fairly high waist, they fit quite well. Overall, I like them... but I don't *love* them.

 Awkward rear view photo!

If they were like $30-$40 I'd almost definitely be keeping them. However, if I'm going to spend $100 on a pair of jeans, they need to be that magical pair that looks and feels amazing and goes with everything in my closet, and that I know I'll be wearing constantly. I can think of a handful of outfits these would be super cute with, but I can't imagine getting more than a couple of wears a month out of them, so I just can't justify spending that much.

A note of interest here since this is the 2nd item in a row where I've mentioned the price: When you fill out your Stitch Fix style profile, you can set a suggested price range for different kinds of items. For example, you can say that you're good with spending $50-100 on pants, but that you'll go $100-150 on outer layers and prefer accessories to be as inexpensive as possible. Knowing my budget limits, I selected "The cheaper the better" for every category. Since the lowest category above that is $50-100, I assumed they'd aim for $50-ish or below for most of my pieces. The average ended up closer to $70. I definitely hope they go a little lower next time!

Market and Spruce Taber Foldover 3/4 Sleeve Sweater - $64

Sadly, I could tell that this one was a no right out of the box. It's a nice medium weight fabric and super soft, but the greyish-olive color and weird neck weren't getting me excited at all. Tried it on just to make sure since hey, you never know, and unfortunately I was right about this one.

The ruched sleeve detail was really cute, but I felt like the sleeve length was a bit awkward.

The overall shape just wasn't flattering on me, and I never could get the neck to look right. I knew you were trouble when you walked in, sweater. See ya later.

Staccato Shelbie Graphic Knit Cardigan - $58

This cardigan was my favorite thing straight out of the box - it has that kind of bohemian vibe that I definitely gravitate towards, and although the colors are neutral, the pattern is fun.

However, once I put it on and all of the fabric just sort of hung down at the front, I fell out of love. 

Hey look, I got one photo with decent lighting! But yeah, not liking the big blob of draped fabric.

I considered keeping this, since it is a fun alternative to throwing on a hoodie or something on chilly days, but I tried to picture how often I would actually reach for it to add to an outfit, and I just don't think I'd wear it that often. Back it goes. 

Pink Martini Carlin Long Sleeve Ruched Skirt Dress - $78

Your basic little black dress. It fit me fairly well, other than the way that the ruching made my hips appear to poke out about an extra inch on each side. I like that it's a little different than the style of dress I normally go for, but the shape still (mostly) works with my shape.

Most flattering photo ever? NOPE! Remind me to not take pics after long work days again!

If this was in a gorgeous color or print, I'd probably consider keeping it, but I rarely wear plain black dresses and I already have a few great ones for those rare occasions when that's what I'm in the mood for. I was also a little bummed to have something so basic as one of my 5 items - I think most people use a service like this to discover something a little different that they wouldn't usually try on, not fairly generic looking items or basics they already have plenty of, ya know?

So, as you can tell, not the best of first Stitch Fix boxes ever. If you lost track, we're 0 for 5 here. A few items were close, but nothing won me over enough to keep it. Super sad! I'll be giving it another go, though, so cross your fingers that I have better luck the second time around! In hopes of better luck, I'll be sending lots of notes on why these items didn't work, so hopefully my next fix will be a better fit for my style! I've scheduled the next one for January 5th, so check back to see how it goes!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If so, I'd love to read your reviews! Leave me a link in the comments! Would you have kept any of these pieces?


CrunchyCrafty HighlyCaffeinated said...

I'm with you...that was a pretty underwhelming first Fix!! I have friends whose fixes have gotten GREAT over time with feedback, but mine kept getting worse :-(

I would give them at least one more shot with LOTS of feedback! Can't wait to see your next Fix.

Heather said...

Honestly? This convinced me not to try Stich fix. Meh.

Erika MCMmama said...

I love reading Stitch Fix reviews. I have yet to see one that makes me think "oh, I should try it", but I have seen a few pieces that make me think I need to keep my out for a certain style.

Farrah Fong said...

Aww, I'm sorry that your first Stitch Fix didn't work out for you! I've never tried it yet, but those prices do look pretty hefty, so I'd definitely have to absolutely love it and pretty much wear it every day for me to convince myself to cough up that amount of money, haha. :x

Andi said...

I have been doing Stitchfix for several months. I kept the whole box for the first time this week. Usually I keep 1-2 pieces. I hate to shop so this works for me!

Becky Ginther said...

Aww, that is rather underwhelming for your first fix. I hope your second is better and I look forward to seeing another review! Those red jeans looked super cute, but I would have a hard time paying that price for them too.

Maria said...

I need to try this! I have been so curious about it so thank you for sharing about your experience!

Athena Nagel said...

I have never heard of this before - what a unique concept. Thanks for sharing.

mymcbooks said...

Haven't heard of it. But thanks for sharing.


Sharon Martin said...

What a shame, I feel your disappointment, especially when your looking forward so much to receiving the goodies. I haven't tried them before would like to hear other reviews to see if yours was a one off or not x

Kristy Figueroa said...

The idea of the service is excellent but I'm not sure it would work for me either. The prices seem a little high too.

Heavenly Savings said...

So many great outfits! I love them!

Liz Mays said...

One of these days I may go for it and try it too. I totally love that cardigan that you love!

Debi Gerhart said...

I have heard about this company. I keep saying I am going to give it a try.

Rebecca Swenor said...

I have never heard of of Stitch Fix and I will have to check it out. I love all the outfits for real. Thanks for sharing.