Wednesday, December 31, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday (on Wednesday) - Volume 27

1. A somewhat late Merry Christmas to all of you, and slightly early Happy New Year! I'm not up to anything special for the holidays this year. I was super sick on Christmas - I even missed watching the Disney parade, which is practically against my religion as a former Cast Member and Disney nerd. Spent most of the post-Christmas weekend reading and watching 6/8 Harry Potter movies. (I'll probably hit up Harry Potter and the Really Long Camping Trip tomorrow night.) Speaking of which, y'all need to confiscate my HP dvds because watching the movies just makes me mad, since they leave out 90% of the depth and detail that makes the story amazing. Grr.

2. On that note, I totally want to throw a Yule Ball next year. I've been Pinteresting up all kinds of Potter geekery for ideas, and a good chunk of my brain has been busy trying to figure out how to make floating candles happen. (I've already tracked down a chocolate frog mold on Amazon!)

2. There are currently 73 posts in my drafts folder.Times like this when you see that I haven't posted anything since my 10 Things from two weeks ago? I've still been writing posts, I just suck at finishing them up! Think I can get that draft folder number down to like 50 by the end of January? Seems like a solid goal!

3. My second Stitch Fix shipment will be here today, and I am super excited! I totally did the cheating thing where you go look at your checkout page to find the names of the items, and then Google image search that shiz up. I'm actually a little worried that I will love everything, because if I buy it all it will leave approximately $0 in my bank account.

4. I finally got a new laptop! It's definitely nothing fancy (we're talking under $250) but oh man is it an upgrade. I spilled milk on my old one like two weeks after getting it and somehow never got around to replacing the keyboard (which fried during the milk bath), so I've been using a keyboard that plugs in via usb for like 3 years. Then last spring the whole thing started literally coming apart and the screen wouldn't fold down anymore. I finally realized that I was spending SO MUCH time sitting around waiting for it to think about things (that poor computer was having an existential crisis any time I wanted to open iTunes) that I gave in and ordered a new one. I really kind of hate Windows 8, but otherwise, New Lappytop and I are getting along really well!

5. This picture of a llama has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but this post needed more pictures and everyone likes llamas. Enjoy.

6. This is the last day of the year, and I am not kidding you when I say that I am basically every single New Year's cliche right now. I want to declutter and eat healthier and read all the books and basically fix my whole entire life at once. That always goes well, right? I'm so deep into the whole "new year, fresh start" mindset that I am even making a vision board. Send help.

7. Kind of on that same "fix ALL the things!" topic, I've got some major blog redesigning happening soon! I've had this same layout for about a decade (No, seriously, I switched to this url in like 2004 and not much has changed) and it needs a major update. I hate the term "rebranding" when it comes to blogs because I am not a brand, I am a human person, but that's basically what's going to go down. I have some awesome blog things planned for this year, so I want to get a better design in place to get ready for all of that awesomeness, as well to hopefully inspire me to post more often, get out of the weird rut I've fallen into, and generally step up my game.

8. I've done an end of the year post of some sort almost every year since 1999 (omg so old) but I don't think I will this year. Other than the really rough couple of months this fall when my mom was super sick, it's been a strangely uneventful year, and other than my trips to New Orleans and Eureka Springs, I really can't think of much of anything worth talking about. How sad is THAT? Maybe I needed a fairly boring year to prepare for the awesomeness that will come in 2015? Good enough theory for me.

9. I totally meant to post this on Tuesday since omg, how hard is it to get my one post that goes up on a specific day of the week right? But then  my internet died for like two hours and then I fell asleep reading, and next thing I knew I was waking up at 2 am. Oops. I doubt you guys mind all that much, though.

10. Not many things make me literally LOL, but this gif did:


Lindsey Lewandowski said...

What a cute photo of the llama! Sounds like my life with the million drafts saved up! Ha! Hope you had a great New Years!! :)

Sharon said...

I have a great floating candles tutorial to suggest:

The woman who writes this blog also does Cake Wrecks, but Epbot is her more geek-inspired blog. It definitely looks cool!