Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10.Things On Tuesday - Volume 26

1. I've kinda fallen into a bad reality TV on demand marathon while I work lately. I'm actually really enjoying "The Sisterhood" from Lifetime about four young women becoming nuns. I think there's a new episode tonight, so pretty excited for that! I'll also admit that I've kinda watched the whole first season of "Botched" from E! about fixing bad plastic surgery. I partly like the medical aspect because I've always found surgery super interesting, but the absolute rediculousness of the show is pretty great, too. (One of my favorite moments was the woman in tears because she felt guilty that "some people can't even afford ONE rhinoplasty!") The moments when they show patients totally loopy on pain meds are pretty rad, too. I've only got a couple of episodes left, so I might hit House of DVF next, since we all know I'm a fashion nerd.

2. Trust me, y'all, you need these pj's. I hit the point where I was pretty much living in my beloved fleece owl-print pants, so I finally gave in and got these (for $9!) at Walmart this week, and it's been hard to get me to take them off. I have totally started to wonder if I can get away with wearing the pieces separately in public and passing them off as real clothes. Might have to get a second set to survive winter with. (The brand is Climate Right, if you want to hunt them down!)

3. I finally ordered a new laptop! I'm supposed to get it Thursday, and I'm super excited. Mine is SO SLOW, the hard drive crashed a few years ago, and it is *literally* falling apart. Plus, I spilled milk on the keyboard like two weeks after I got it, so I've been using a plugged in usb keyboard ever since. It's a mess! I finally realized that the amount of time I waste rolling my eyes while things take way longer to open/run than they should really justified putting off other important purchases in favor of getting the new laptop NOWWWWW. Can't wait!

4. I finally got my Christmas tree up! Ten is super interested in it, but there hasn't been any destruction yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

5. If you haven't already, don't miss out on entering my awesome giveaway! I totally need one of these for my next apartment!

6. I just came across this Snow Doge image while searching for a sad Doge to tweet...

So here is a lovely photo of me to go with it. Tis the season.

7. I kinda forgot to mention on here that my birthday was last week! I've been way too busy to do much of anything yet, but I am totally getting my free birthday Starbucks and Orange Leaf when I'm in Branson tomorrow.

8. If you follow me on Pinterest, sorry if I've been flooding your feed with tons of travel pins! 2015 needs a whole lotta travel in it. I'm planning a week in New Orleans, as well as probably some Memphis, Nashville, Chicago, and who knows what else!

9. I need your razor recommendations, ladies! I've been using Venus razors for ages, but I used Schick Hydro for most of last year because I got a bunch of them free, but I'm not really thrilled with how expensive either of those are. Any suggestions for really great but less expensive shaving?

10. A good quote for this week, since I think a lot of us are starting to think about plans for the new year:
Marc Jacobs quote

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Ira Kharchenko said...

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, dear!