Friday, December 05, 2014

An Afternoon of Girl Time and Glamour with InStyler Hair Tools

Disclosure: InStyler and VocalPoint hooked me up with some awesome product samples to try out! I also receive an affiliate commission on any products purchased through the link in this post. As always, all opinions are honest, 'cause that's how I roll. 

As much fun as the holiday season is, it can get a little stressful, too. When I got a box full of awesome InStyler hair tools in the mail from Vocal Point, I was instantly excited about the prospect of having some fun trying them out with friends - nothing like an afternoon of beauty to de-stress! I immediately thought of my friend Jessica, who has a toddler daughter (and great hair!) and seemed like she could use a few hours of pampering. We met up to spend a few hours trying out these fun hair styling tools and sipping giant mugs of gingerbread latte!

Let the holiday hairstyles begin!

Jessica's amazing photographer husband Brad snapped some "before" photos of our hair before we dug into the big box of InStyler tools!

Um, yeah, I'm totally jealous of Jessica's long, thick, gorgeous hair, too!

My "before" hair, on the other hand? Eep! Thin, fine, and a bit frizzy. This is why I'm usually rocking the messy blogger topknot of shame!

I hardly ever use any kind of hair styling tool. My curling iron comes out once every few months (either for special occasions or because I'm in major need of something to break up the hair monotony!), but that's about it for me. These three hair tools are totally different from anything I've used in the past, so I was excited to experiment!

InStyler Tulip Auto Curler

This thing is simultaneously fascinating and kinda terrifying, but it ended up being my favorite tool of the three to get glamorous hair for the holidays. I have never seen a curling iron anything like this! It makes getting perfect curls super easy. All you have to do is section off a small piece of hair...

...slip root end of the hair section up next to the Tulip's barrel, making sure to keep it all between the grey guide dots, and then press and quickly release the button. The Tulip does it's thing and sort of sucks your hair up, twists it around the barrel, and beeps to let you know when it's done! 

Once you hear the series of three quick beeps, you just pull the Tulip straight out, and...

Voila! Perfect curls every time!

My favorite thing is how much you can customize the settings! You can choose low, medium, or high heat (handy for different types of hair), how many seconds it heats the curl (longer time equals tighter curls) and whether it rotates left or right, so you have hair that curls towards or away from your face. There are so many "outtake" photos of me making the face of terror as the Tulip whirred and spun my hair up, but it worked perfectly every time! Have no fear!

You never notice that you missed curling a chunk of hair until you're looking at the "after" photos the next day. Oops!

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron

You can use this nifty rotating tool to straighten your hair, add volume, or create waves or soft curls. Jessica instantly fell in love with this one, and it's a good thing I was planning to give it to her anyway because I don't think I would have been able to pry it away by the time we were finished!

Jessica's hair after using the InStyler Max to add some soft curls.

As soon as you close the InStyler Max around your hair, the barrel begins to rotate automatically, which is pretty freaking cool. You can either move it down your hair very slowly to create a straight, sleek style, or rotate as you go for waves. Changing the direction of rotation is as easy as clicking it closed twice in rapid succession. So cool!

A small warning about this one: When you turn it on, it defaults to the highest heat setting. Also, there's nothing around the barrel part of the curling iron, so watch your fingers! These two things together = I'm really glad that I don't need my thumb to type, because I had a bit of a "don't touch hot things, dummy!" learning experience while I was practicing with this. Oops.

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

After going all curly with the Tulip, I couldn't wait to see if the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro was up to the job of straightening everything back out again! This is a pretty sweet 2-in-one tool. You can use it as a straightening iron, or flip a little switch to lock the barrel closed, which makes it a hot brush. And this one is perfect for my accident prone self, because the brush bristles stay cool as the barrel heats! It didn't take long to smooth out the curls I had just created, and soon I was back to straight hair!

And then this happened:

Lesson of the day: Aim a fan at my hair and I instantly think I'm Beyonce. 

And one more "after" photo.

If you're interested in picking up one of these awesome styling tools to get gorgeous hair for the holidays or to put under your friend's tree, you can save 30% by visiting their site and using the code SAVE30 from now until 1/31/15!

A HUGE thank you to Model Citizens Photography for taking the photos in this post!! It was super nice to have a pro photographer doing all the work, and let's face it, if he hadn't been there, this would have been a post full of photos that looked more like this:

My #selfie skills are pretty on point, though. 

Have you tried any snazzy InStyler tools yet? I'd love to hear about your experiences with them!


Sharon Martin said...

Looks like a great pamper session. We were talking about Curling Irons earlier this week at work, i've never used one but my colleagues were telling me how good they were, glad I came across your post. You've put my mind at rest using them I was a bit worried.

Liz Mays said...

The soft curls are really pretty. I wish my hair was long enough to use something like this. I'm growing it out but it is SLOW.

Rachel said...

I've never gotten to try out one of those curling tools, though I'm intrigued by them!