Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Fellow Blogger's Cat Weght Lost Story With #HillsPet

As you may have noticed, I've been sharing info and stories about the new Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution dog and cat food. (Holy cow that's a mouthful to say! Handful to type?) Several of you got to try the food out for free when we did a giveaway, and hopefully many more of you took advantage of the rebate I posted last month for the food and vet visit! Today I'm wrapping up this series of posts by sharing the story of a fellow blogger's cat's progress using this food!

This is Vega, whose adventures you'll usually find of over at The Adventures of Puppy and Cat. She's 6 years old, and is a lover of cuddles (after my own heart, Vega!) but has really started to gain weight over the past year. The increased weight meant a drop in energy so she became a bigger fan of naps than of playing, and even started snoring! With her starting weight at 14.5 pounds, her vet suggested that she should lose around three pounds to get back to a healthy weight.

Cat weight loss can be tough, since nobody wants to feel like they're depriving their pet, and since up until recently most weight less regimes for pets involved cutting back the amount of food, success was hard since it's tough not to give in when they beg for more. I know that my cats tend to act like they're starving to death if dinner is even a little late, so I can only imagine how they'd react if I tried to cut the amount! With the Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution food you feed the same amount as usual, so your cat doesn't get all "Yo, dude, there's supposed to be more food in my bowl!" And they still get treats!

Did somebody say treats?

After two months on the new line of food, Vega has already dropped a pound and a half, so she's already halfway to her goal weight! Even better, she's stopped snoring and has become more interested in playing again.

All of the adorable images of Vega in this post come from this post about her weight loss journey at Puppy And Cat. I'll admit that I spent an embarrassing amount of time picking out which ones to use - they're all so cute! (I'm possibly a little biased because she looks a lot like my Bear cat!) Thanks so much to Vega's owner for sharing!

Want to check out more reviews of the Metabolic food from other people who have tried it? You can find the cool review search for Hill's products by clicking here. If you type "metabolic" into the search box, it will bring up options that you can select from. You can also add your own review if you've had the opportunity to try it!

This post is sponsored by Hill’s and the Blogpaws Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Food, but Straight On Till Morning only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten Things on Tuesday - Volume 13

1. I had to cut the World Cup watching down quite a bit over the last few days because I was getting NOTHING done. Still watching some of it, just not ALL THE GAMES!

2. I've been trying to really pare down my possessions. I'm aiming for less clutter, more simplicity, and better feng shui. One big thing I did this week was to go through my jewelry and put most of the pieces I never wear in this little box:

I decided that anything I don't wear by the end of August gets sold or donated. The weird thing is that I think I would be comfortable letting it all go now. I'm surprised that I'm not more attached.

3. Speaking of getting rid of things, I also finally tossed my old dance class shoes. I have no idea why I hung on to them for so long, I guess there was some pride in how horrible they looked - every worn out spot was hours of classes or performances, ya know? Wanna see how bad they were?

Yes, that's duct tape.

4. This post is so late! I have been trying to get my 10 Things posts up early in the morning so others can link up, but this week has been nuts! And not many people have been linking up, so hopefully it won't be missed. I'll bring the linkup back next week if you guys are interested.

5. I'm actually typing this up on my phone while participating in a focus group on my laptop. I've gotta say, I am enjoying getting paid to sit here and eat cookies while I share my opinions about alcohol brands!

6. Confession: My desktop computer has been dead since like December, but I've only just now gotten serious about replacing it because Sims 4 comes out in September and I'll be super sad if I can't play it.


7. THIS! I've yet to wear this out in public, but I've totally been doing it around my house. I'm basically a 7 year old girl trapped in a grown woman's body. Gimmie a princess dress.

8. Since it's almost midnight and I'm STILL not to 10 things, here's a sneak peek of one of the dresses I'm working on. (This is the "before" shot before I did any alterations.)

So far I've shortened it a tiny bit and taken out that first ruffle below the waist to make it sit nicer, but I have NO idea what I'm doing next! I'm pretty sure the giant neck ruffle needs to go, but I'm still experimenting. Ideas?

9. The cats have now knocked my little cilantro garden off the windowsill TWICE now. I'm a little worried about the survival of my tasty little plants!

10. I have no #10. Sorry for sucking this week you guys, I'll aim for awesomeness next week! Promise!

Bloggers Wanted- Back To School In Style Event

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Trying Out Sunscreens Is Hard Work!

This spring and beginning of summer have been NUTS, you guys! I'm basically a solar powered human, so I've wanted nothing more than to go spend some time outside to soak up a little Vitamin D, but it has literally rained almost every single day since the end of April! I finally, FINALLY got a beautiful sunny day to spend out at the lake, so I totally took advantage! I grabbed the Tom Robbins memoirs I've been reading and one of the bottles of sunscreen that Coppertone sent me and found a nice quiet place to relax!

Holy white legs, Batman!

I'm lucky to live near a GIANT lake system, and the little spot I settled into with my beach towel is one of my favorites. It's all the way at the end of a park and down a little ridge, so I had plenty of quiet and could even sit with my toes in the water to keep them cool. (Although I learned pretty quickly that when a speedboat went by on the other side, it made HUGE waves and I had to grab my things and move up a few feet to avoid getting everything soaked!)

I only stayed out there for a little over half an hour, but it was exactly what I needed. There's something about sunshine and water that seems to cure just about anything, you know?

I had a fairly rough day today, but couldn't get away to relax at the lake, so I did the totally adult thing and set up a plastic kiddie pool in my back yard. (Plus, I wanted an excuse to try out the other sunscreen, which is made for the beach and pool!) I really miss Florida where even the cheapest residences have a pool, but for now this is as close as I can get!

I never realize how much I need to paint my nails until I post photos. Eep!

Both of the Coppertone Clearly Sheer formulas I tried were great - they're lightweight formulas designed not to break you out or clog your pores. Of the two I think I preferred the variety for sunny days, since its scent disappeared a lot faster. (I'm generally anti-scented things in general!) It can be worn under makeup, but I've yet to try that out. Clearly I need many more pool days for further research! Next time, I'm bringing an adult drink to my kiddie pool. That's just how I roll.

Disclosure: I received free products to try via BzzAgent, but wasn't obligated to write this post and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 12

1. I've watched so much soccer this week. I'm watching Brazil vs Mexico as I type this. The big crowd of Brazilians in yellow shirts is giving me flashbacks to my Disney cast member days. I've seen things, man.

2. I really want to have a sleepover with Legolas, Thranduil, and Lucius Malfoy where we sit around and braid each other's hair. (And maybe other stuff happens. Just sayin'.)

3. Sometimes I get seriously delighted by very little things. (That's not what she said.) A few days ago I was sitting at a stoplight and noticed that there were fellow Mustangs both in front of me and to my side. "We're a herd!", I exclaimed to my empty car. I maybe need to get out more often.

4. I've discovered that I'd much rather be vulnerable and risk looking silly than possibly miss out on something amazing because I didn't go for it.


My poor cilantro. I repotted the sprouts that got too big for the mini greenhouse they came in, but shortly after that one of the cats knocked the remaining ones off my windowsill, making it look like this. They're trying to rally, but it's just not the same. 

6. I also planted strawberries this week, but no action there yet. 

7. My new fish is settling in! (No name yet.) Bettas blow bubble nests when they're happy... check out this work of art!

8. I'm not used to watching so much TV, so I'm seriously considering finding a way to move my sewing machine in front of my TV for the rest of the World Cup so that I can get some stuff done. 

9. I've spent way too much time reading through the archives of the Asshole Disney tumblr this week. I really need to get it together and accomplish some things. You know, after this game is over. And before the next one starts.

10. It's supposed to storm ALL of next week again (Ugh, weather! Behave!) so I'm thinking about getting up early one day later this week and finally hitting a hiking trail. I've been dying for outdoorsy time, but it's constantly either rainy or in the high 80s. Just give me one lovely day for outdoorsy things!

That's it for this week! The best I could do while watching a game - sorry. :) Link up your 10 things post below!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Petbrosia Custom Pet Food Review & Giveaway (closed)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

As a certified crazy cat lady, I get a kick out of trying out new products for my cats, especially those that are a little different from the norm. I jumped at the chance to let a company called Petbrosia send a customized bag of food for my cats because hello, how cool is that? Instead of shopping from a set range of food, you fill out your cat or dog's profile on their site and they put together a mix just for them. They take your pet's age, weight, breed, allergies and health into consideration to work out a formula that's just right.

Besides the custom nutrition, there's another benefit to the food being mixed just for your pet - it's super fresh! There's no real way to know how long bags of food at the grocery or pet store have been sitting on the shelf, but Petbrosia food is made to order so only a matter of days go by between when it goes into the bag and when it arrives at your doorstep.

A few other cool things to note:
*All of the meat, fruits and vegetables used for the food are grown or raised in the US, and the chicken and salmon they use are antibiotic and hormone-free.
*None of the food contains wheat, soy or corn.
*There are no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives.
*As your pet's weight, age, or other factors change, you can update their profile so that their mix of food evolves, too.
*You can join their Gold Club for free shipping! I have to admit, I love when cat food shows up at my door instead of me having to lug it home from the store!
*If you have a multi-cat or dog household, you can request a blend that's averaged out for all of them, although they do recommend still doing separate blends if possible for the best nutrition.
*They even provide a guide to switching your pet's food!

I customized a 10 pound bag for my kitty Jasper, although all of the cats ended up trying some of it. (Except Ten, who still flat out refuses to touch dry food.) Jasper's bag of food arrived in a Petbrosia box with info about his custom blend inside.

You have the option to upload a photo, so clearly I went with one of Jasper looking like a weirdo hovering between bookshelves in his winter coat. He's a special snowflake.

And here's what his actual food looks like:

For the first few days, Jasper (and his buddies who kept stealing bites) was pretty much obsessed with this stuff and almost acted like I was giving him a bowl of treats instead of food. The initial enthusiasm wore off after the first few days, but they still continued to like it (just not quite as excitedly) through the rest of the bag. I'd love to buy more of this in the future (and most likely will), but while I think it's a great value for what you get (especially if you have trouble finding food for a pet with allergies), it's unfortunately a little out of the range of what I can realistically afford on a regular basis.

If this sounds like something you'd like to try out for your dog or cat, you can get $10 off of your first purchase of Petbrosia by entering the promotional code: BRL10 at checkout! Even better, they're going to hook one of you up with a code for a free 3 pound box of food customized for your cat or dog! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! (Note: They are only able to ship to the lower 48 states we do not ship to Hawaii or Alaska.)

For more info, you can also find Petbrosia on Facebook and Twitter!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Been A Lazy Weekend

So, it's Sunday and I know that's technically the "day of rest" for many people, but for me it's usually more of a "catch up on all of that stuff you're behind on" day. Today though? Not happening.

I've been up for almost an hour, and I'm sitting here with my coffee looking at various things on my to-do list and basically just having a "Nope. Don't wanna." reaction to every single one of them. 


I rarely take days for total slacking, but that's what I've done all weekend and I guess I totally lost momentum. So instead of actually doing things, I'll tell you guys about all of my recent awesome laziness!

*I watched Frozen and both Hobbit movies. I should probably buy stock in Redbox. (Speaking of which, did they change the free dvd codes? I tried all of the classics and none of them worked. I actually had to pay full price to rent a dvd for the first time ever!)

*I watched a LOT of soccer. I missed the totally crazy Netherlands Spain game, which I'm still sad about, but I've caught most of the others. I'm admittedly still bummed about England losing yesterday. 

Decided to go with a gif of one of the happy moments instead of all of the gifs I saw that made me cringe.

*I watched the above game with a super classy feast of taquitos from the gas station and a can of Angry Orchard. It was delicious, but I think I'm sticking with wine from here on out, because clearly cider is bad lucky. (I don't think there's any way taquitos can be unlucky. I mean, let's be logical here, people.)

Just acquiring my game food was a comedy of errors. I'd been out trying to squeeze in all of my errands before the game started, so I was in a giant hurry when I stopped to procure my supplies. The only fast food in my entire town is a Subway and I've never been keen on paying someone like $6 just to make me a freaking sandwich, but thankfully I have a deep fondness for questionable meat wrapped in a tortilla and left under glass by the gas station register for who knows how long. I grabbed the cider on a whim - I was actually checking to see if they had any super cheap wine, saw that and thought "Meh, why not." Of course, since I was in a hurry, I not only got carded (I'm thirty-freaking-two! But in fairness, I did have my hair in braids.) but my single can-o-cider rang up as $7.99, and the probably new cashier didn't believe me at first when I pointed out that was really, really wrong. Thankfully after a minute or so of me being all "I can just grab a Redd's instead, since they're clearly priced and I really DGAF..." her coworker yelled over "They're $1.89!" and she took fifty years to fix the price. But I made it home for kickoff, and all was right with the world.

Wow, that was a really long story set in a gas station. Sorry about that. Here's me with my cider, not looking under 21 by at least a decade.

This is my "Did I seriously just go through all that for something 5% alcohol by volume?" face.  Feel free to send me a pic of your "Did I seriously just spend all that time reading a story about buying stuff at a gas station?" face. 

*I made muffins and they were kind of amazing, but that's a whole other post for another day.

*I spent a lovely chunk of my Friday afternoon hanging out by the lake with a book. This was SO LONG OVERDUE! I've been waiting for a nice day to do this since like early May. 

I had an almost perfect spot where I could sit with my toes in the water and no other people around. I say *almost* perfect because any time a speedboat would go by (around every 5 minutes) it would make waves big enough that I'd have to quickly scoot back a few feet or end up with my towel and bag-o-stuff soaked. After I got my fill of solar power, I grabbed frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf and all was right with the world. 

And there you have my lazy weekend in a nutshell. Not super exciting, but exactly what I needed. And now I'm going to watch the second half of this awesome France/Honduras game! Happy Sunday, y'all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 11 - Join the linkup!

1. I have a new fish! Yes, this is a terrible photo. Do you know how hard it is to photograph a fish through his plastic tank walls? It's hard. This little guy is TINY! I've had a lot of bettas, but this is the only time I've gotten one that was so young that I have to break his little food pellets up into pieces because they're too big to fit in his mouth! (Adorable blurry video can be seen on my Instagram here!) I haven't named him yet, but hopefully I'll come up with something rad in the next few days.

2. I'm growing cilantro! I found a super cute mini greenhouse kit at Target for $1, and I was super excited to see that it's already started sprouting after only a few days. Look how cute they are!

3. Speaking of Target, I'm pretty sure that Archer Farms quit making the couscous lunch bowls I love. I will most likely starve to death as a result.

4. New candles! I've still mostly been burning my winter scents, so it was time. I'm in love with the cinnamon sugared doughnut scent, and want to grab a larger one (maybe when they have a 2 for $22 sale on the 3-wicks). Bubblegum smells great if you just sniff it, but I've found that when I'm burning it I can't smell it at all. Haven't gotten around to trying the macaron one yet.

5. I have to say, I've been kicking serious butt at Swagbucks lately. It used to take me about a month to earn a $5 Amazon gift card, but lately I've been scoring about one a week. That adds up to a huge help for the dSLR I'm saving up for!

6. This skirt is one of my favorite things that I picked up at last week's bag sale, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it! If I want to keep it as a skirt, it needs to be taken in quite a bit, but I'm not sure if my sewing machine can handle going through the super thick elastic waistband. On the other hand, if I use it as the lower half of a dress, I'm not sure how to keep the pleats in tact. Challenge!

7. I've been on a travel related Pinterest spree. My Wanderlust board is getting so full of awesome things that I've started breaking it down into more location specific boards. (I need to do the same thing with my Random Snazzy Things board, but I can't figure out which topics to weed out!)

8. Speaking of Pinterest, I'm developing a huge pet peeve about pins that don't link to the right site! I was trying to find an awesome muffin recipe today; The first one I clicked took me to a Flickr photo of a muffin with no link to a recipe, and the second went to a Facebook photo of a muffin with (again) no recipe. Yes, your muffin is very pretty, but give me info that I can use, people! 
9.  I feel like I should tell you guys about my Tasty Bite addiction. I got a free one in a food subscription box that I won in a giveaway and got totally hooked after trying it. They make all kinds of different varieties, but Jaipur Vegetables are my jam. I don't really dig rice, so I serve it over couscous, because I'm multicultural like that. (And because couscous takes like 5 minutes to make and is delicious.) The only problem with my addiction is that these things are like $4 per pouch! I usually get 2 meals out of one, but still, eep. I have less than $200/month for my grocery budget, so spending that much on a meal is totally screwing me up. BUT I CANT STOP. Why can't I be addicted to something cheaper?

10. An appropriate 10th item on my list - Today (the 10th) is my kitten Ten's 10 month birthday! He's still only about half the size of his Bear brother. I think he has just decided to stay small.

It's linkup time! Feel free to add a link to your own 10 Things post below! 

Sunday, June 08, 2014

DIY Car Care: Checking and Replacing Fuses

Yep, I am actually posting about car maintenance, you guys. I know that this is totally out of my usual fashion/beauty/books/travel/"Hey, look at my cats!" genre, but go with me here!

I had some car issues last week and while I ultimately did end up having to take it to a shop to get fixed, I discovered through my infinite Google-ing that there were a lot of steps for figuring out what was wrong that I could totally take myself. I thought I'd share this part of what I learned to hopefully save you guys some money in the future!

So let's start with the basics: Cars have fuse boxes! (Who knew, right?) They control all kinds of crazy things, so when one of those things stops working, it's totally possible that you can check to see if the fuse is blown and replace it yourself in a matter of minutes and for (at most) a couple of bucks. Most mechanics charge upwards of $80/hr and many mark up the prices of the parts they use, so this is handy stuff to know!

One thing to note - Every car is different, so I'm just showing you the details of mine for this post. Things might be located somewhere different in yours, but I can pretty much guarantee that a quick search will turn up the info you'll need. 

So, if you want to know if the problem you're having might be caused by a blown fuse, it would be handy to know what your fuses control, right? Most cars (maybe all?) have two fuse boxes: One is under the hood near the battery, and the other is inside the car a little bit below your steering wheel. (I'm focusing on the latter one in this post.) You can learn what each fuse in the box controls by checking out your owner's manual - most are easily accessible online now. (Ford has everything for my 2004 car in pdf's on their site. Yay!) If your manual is somehow NOT online, there's still a good chance you can find the fuse box diagram for your car. Some fuse boxes also have this info printed on their cover or somewhere nearby.

Here's what my diagram looks like:

So, for the sake of example, let's say that the little indicator that tells me a door is ajar suddenly stopped working. According to the chart, that's controlled by fuse #19. The problem might be caused by a blown fuse or it might not, but it's totally worth taking a couple of minutes to check! 

Here's where the fuse box is located in my actual car. (Pardon my rust and cobwebs.) Like I said, it might be different in yours, but it's most likely going to be in this general area. You don't have to remove any paneling or anything to get to it, but the location can be a little awkward to reach. I suggest putting a towel on the ground/driveway next to your driver's side door so you can sit there and reach up. 

To get into the box, you need to pop off the plastic cover. Most have two little tabs that you just squeeze together to get it to release, and then you pull. If your cover hasn't been removed in a while, you may have to wiggle it a bit and put some muscle into it. Despite the blurriness of the above pic (this is not an easy spot to get photos in !) you can hopefully see the squeezy tabs in the center of the cover. 

Ta da! Cover off. Mine comes with a funky little plastic tool that you can use to remove fuses with, but I went with pliers since I just find them easier to handle. 

Fuses, yay! You'll notice that there are a whole lotta numbers and colors here. The numbers printed on the fuses themselves tell you the amperage of that fuse. If, for example, I needed to replace the one I have circled at the top left, I'd want to make sure that I replaced it with another 15 amp fuse. They're also color coded so if that number had somehow worn off, I'd be able to know it was a 15 amp because it's blue. (My owner's manual lists what amperage each color is. Handy!) The numbers that are printed directly on the red part here (sorry they're pretty impossible to read in this pic) are the numbers that identify the fuses. Remember the above example where we needed to check #19? I could either grab a flashlight and contort myself to be able to read the numbers, or check the diagram at the top of this post to see where #19 is and go from there. 

Once you find the fuse you're looking for, you just pop that sucker out! Again, you may need to tug at it a bit. 

This is what mine looks like once it's removed. See that little loop in the middle that looks like a rollercoaster hill? (Do I spend too much time in theme parks?) It's in great shape, so I know in this case that the fuse isn't what's causing my problem. 

image from since I didn't have a blown one to show you

On the other hand, if it looked something like this, then the mystery is solved and we know what's causing the trouble! 

Replacing the fuse (whether you're putting back one that was okay or putting in a new one) is basically just the reverse of removing it - line it up with the slot it belongs in and poke it in. I found that it was easiest to push it about halfway in, then let go with my pliers and use them to push it up from the bottom. 

That's it! Seriously! Why don't they teach these things in school? I love that I know have a first step I can take when something malfunctions, rather than having absolutely no clue what might be wrong. This obviously isn't going to solve every car problem ever, but it definitely comes in handy. (And if you do end up having to take it to a garage, you can feel all cool telling them "I already checked to see if the fuse was blown...") 

On a larger scale, I hope this makes people like me who have basically zero car knowledge see that there ARE things that you can totally handle yourself. For some reason most car maintenance has always seemed almost taboo to me - I've always heard things like, "Oh, cars are so complicated these days that it's almost impossible to do repairs yourself." So not true! I mean, I'm not going to be taking my entire engine apart solo anytime soon, but I do definitely feel more confident that there are things I can easily handle!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 10! It's Linkup Time!

It's Tuesday! And not just any Tuesday, but the 10th Tuesday that I've done a 10 Things post! Check it out, I made a graphic and everything! Go team me!

1. My kitten Ten turns ten months old on the tenth of this month! Is a birthday party totally called for, or a little too crazy cat lady? Or both?

2. My car is getting fixed tomorrow! Well, the brake light switch is, but that's a start. I bought the replacement part and was all set on fixing it myself, but once I got up in there I discovered that one of the wires that leads into the switch had totally broken, so that's what was causing the problem, not the switch itself. I was fine with replacing the part myself since I found tons of great info on how to do it online, but I couldn't find much about rewiring, and the concept of messing with the wires in general makes me a little nervous, so I finally sucked it up and stopped by the garage for an estimate. Mechanic was awesome, price is fair, and he even sort of stuck the wire together to last the couple of days until I can afford to have them fix it for real. Yay!

3. This is what my Friday night looked like. I've been craving a LOTR marathon, and kicking back with Fellowship and my delicious vodka-juice combo (What, you don't mix vodka with juice pouches?!) was amazingly therapeutic. I was too tired for more than one movie that night, but I think I might have to do Two Towers soon.

4. I'm still reading the new Tom Robbins autobiograhy! It's been so hard not to just ignore life and spend tons of time reading it. Every chapter makes me adore him more, though. If he weren't like 85 now, he'd totally be my boyfriend.

5. I've been catching up on my Shakespeare class (free online through University of Warwick - yay!) and had to screencap this video from a lesson because it delighted me. The books! They all seem to have pages marked in them. If there's one thing I love more than a good library, it's a library that's clearly getting a lot of use!

6. It's the first Tuesday of the month, so by the time you read this I'll probably be at the monthly bag sale at the thrift shop! I really SHOULD stop buying until I catch up on sewing projects, but sale day is just way too much fun!

7. HOW AMAZING IS THIS BEAR? This is one thing I miss about Florida - our news stories are always totally absurd. (There are more pics here!) Here's what cracks me up: I am always totally awkward trying to get in and out of a hammock. How does this bear look so cooool?

8. I just checked my weather app to see if there might possibly be a day I can go hiking this week, but the next predicted day without storms is the 9th! I'm so sick of rain! If it's going to rain every single day, my town should at least have a Starbucks.

9. I've been trying out every home remedy known to man for poison ivy. Learn from my pain: Apple cider vinegar BURNS LIKE A MOFO. I still don't think anything is helping. I even broke off a piece of Mr. Pointy, my aloe plant, but no change yet. Why does bug bite/poisonous plant season have to overlap with tiny shorts/sundress season?!

10. I'm not generally that into this song, but I'm kind of in love with this video, which was filmed in one of my favorite world capitals to spell. And I may have picked up a few moves.


Apparently these videos exist for pretty much every country you can imagine. This one from Ethiopia is also pretty great, especially the kids singing at the end.

In honor of this being the 10th Ten Things, I'm adding a linkup! Post your own 10 random things and leave your link below, and we can all enjoy each other's randomness!

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