Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Things on Wednesday - Volume 29

1. This excerpt from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up convinced me that I really need to read the book. I *really* need to downsize my possessions before I move back to Florida, and it seems like this book's approach to choosing what to keep is something I could actually work with. (I don't own that much stuff, in general, but I'm a top floor apartment person so every box of things I take is a box that I have to carry up three flights of stairs. Or, you know, bribe a muscular friend to carry. Still, there's effort involved either way.)

2. I had a crazy craving for blueberries, so I thought I'd go all out and make a smoothie with some of my $4 (ugh!) container-o-berries. I recently tried a delicious blueberry-oatmeal fruit thing, so I was all "Oh, I'll stick some oatmeal in and it will be great!" 

This was a terrible idea. Somehow blueberries + oatmeal + almond milk resulted in total disgustingness. I have no idea how it happened, it sounded so promising! I eventually managed to save it by throwing a big chunk of banana into the blender, which covered up the weird oaty taste. Maybe I should look up smoothie recipes on Pinterest like every other human being ever, instead of trying to wing it?

Nah, I'll probably just keep throwing things into the blender all willy nilly. I live on the edge.

3. Since I'm sure you sit around wondering what color my nails are, check out what I found on clearance for $1.24 each at Walgreens! It takes so little to delight me. (I also got the planner you see in the background on this trip. Got one last year and I've used it like whoa, so I was thrilled to find another one!) (Seriously, it takes VERY little to delight me. New planner = PARTY!)

4. THIS. I was at the dollar store today picking up some awesome fabric box thingeys to organize my closet with (because it's just after new year's so we are all still focused on turning ourselves into totally perfect humans who are healthy and organized and all of that crap). In the aisle with all of the organizey thingy, I spotted these beauties. (Yes, there are two - there's a black one behind the purple.) What is this miraculous wonder? Scarf organizer! And they were 2 for $2.50! Start sending suggestions for what I can use these for once I move back to Florida.

5. I haven't gotten around to taking down my tree and decorations and such yet. Have you guys? Am I failing at holidays? 

6. I spent three days without water last week, which was not the most fun thing that has ever happened to me. I'm good about remembering to leave water dripping at night when it's cold, but it was something crazy like 16 degrees in the middle of the afternoon so I didn't think about it and the pipes froze. I was starting to run out of coffee cups since I couldn't do dishes, so I hate to think of what havoc would have resulted if the water hadn't come back on when it did. (Being able to shower again was also pretty cool.)

7. I am pretty sure that my cats are treat addicts. Remember what happened the last time they got a new bag of treats? This time, I thought I was super smart. After letting them try the new treats, I hid the little treat box up on the highest shelf of my bookshelf. I felt a little weird about this because that's the shelf that my betta lives on, and these treats are made of dehydrated fish. I hope he didn't realize what was sitting next to his tank. sent me these awesome Honest Kitchen kitty treats for free, 'cause they are awesome and are basically like Santa and the Easter Bunny rolled into one to my cats. 

Anyway, later that night when Bear was giving me my nightly stomach massage (all cats do this, right?) he stopped mid-knead and started sniffing the air. Remember how I mentioned these are made of fo-real fish? They smell like it. Major fishy smell. Well, I guess I should have thought about that because after about 10 seconds of air sniffing, Bear jumped off my stomach, and started trying to scale the bookshelf to get to the treats! Long psycho cat story short, I ended up having to *triple bag* these to keep the cats from finding them and going nuts trying to get to them. 

And even higher treat praise? Tennyson, who refuses to eat dry food or any kind of treat, actually ate two of these when I soaked them in some water to soften them up. THAT is noteworthy!

8. I need new music suggestions, y'all. What's your jam lately? 

9. I'm finishing this post up just after 9 pm on Wednesday (Better late than never?) and I haven't even started work for today. (I'm freelance, so I kinda work when I want to.) 

10. I usually end these lists with my favorite Pinterest find of the week, but this week's favorite image is way too huge to stick here, so instead I'll link you to my pin of "Women rejecting marriage proposals in Western art history." You're welcome.

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love that your cat's name is Tennyson.

Moving is the perfect time to purge.

I've never heard of that tea polish. It looks like a nice shade!