Tuesday, March 03, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 33

1. I finally got the insurance check for my car! WOOHOO! I mean, I'm still without a way to get to the bank to deposit it, and the weather is totally disgusting so I won't be able to go look at cars until Saturday, but still. It's something!

2. So, let's discuss all of the feelings I have about this video:

I pulled this up on YouTube to use as a snarky reply on Twitter, but then I was kinda captivated since I don't remember the last time I saw it. Here are some random thoughts:

* How did I spend most of my life not realizing that this song is totally not about dancing?
* I want to spend the rest of this year wearing nothing but the fashions featured in this video.  (Especially that skirt.)
* By the end of the video, all poor Whitney can see of these men is the part she's interested in. Um,  their feet.
* Can I pull off the leopard scarf tied around my head look? Probably not?
* I really miss the 80s, when videos like this were a regular part of life.

3. Know what happens when you are both snowed in AND without a car for almost an entire month? A freaking ton of online shopping. I got some super cute stuff on clearance from Target, including this sweater that was less than $8...

Embedded image permalink

I also got this teal lace top for $11, but in person, the super shiny rhinestoney buttons look a little too "juniors section" for my 33yr old self. 

I also got this dress for $9.78 (marked down from $28!)

But the medium just plain will noooootttttt fit over my boobs, and the large is sold out. Sadness!

4. I have also been getting my ebay on, like whoa. I'm a pro at finding SUPER cheap stuff. 


Cat scarf: $1.25, heart scarf: 85 cents. Both with free shipping. Woohoo!

Also got this adorable wallet for 83 cents. I've been needing something to hold all of my gift cards so that I don't have to dig through everything, so this is perfect!

5. So, the How To Get Away With Murder finale.... AHHHH! I have so many questions! One thing that I'm wondering after watching it a 2nd time.. (SPOILER ALERT! LA LA LA LA.....) When Sam makes that phone call near the end... are we sure it was Frank on the other end? 'Cause timeline-wise, it looks like Frank was on the scene almost immediately after. Oooh, ahhhh. (That's my one good theory, let me be proud.)

6. Real talk: I have been out of antidepressants for like 3 weeks, and my brain has turned to mush as a result. (My doctor gave me a trial bottle at my last appointment so we could see how I did on something new for a couple of months. Worked well, but I have to go back to get an actual Rx, and I've been snowed in and car-less ever since I ran out!)

7. You probably already saw this on my Twitter, but I'm so in love with this 70s Vogue pattern I found on Pinterest:

Embedded image permalink

I like to pretend it's the cover of a romance novel.

8. My next Stitch Fix is scheduled to arrive on the 17th - woohoo! I've had pretty hit and miss luck, so if you have any Stitch Fix reviews on your blog, leave me some links so I can go pin stuff I like!!

9. I was kicking ass at doing daily yoga before my accident, but then I was super sore after, and everything I read online said to avoid yoga for at least a week or so after, so now it's been almost an entire month since I've done anything more than some gentle stretching. I soooooo need to get back into it. I know I'll feel 100x better, but getting started is THE WORST.

10. Current favorite gif. Can't believe I haven't posted this yet!!


alissa apel said...

I love those tops, and the 70s vintage pattern you found for men. They are pretty cool!

aquaedenpaige2 said...

I love the part where the cat pulling a blanket .