Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 35

1. I am SO FAR BEHIND on blog updates that this might be the easiest 10 Things post to write EVER, since I have so much to catch up on!

2.. I got a car! After over 5 weeks of being without after totaling my old car, it's so nice to have transportation again!! (I've had it for two weeks now, but like I said, I'm way behind on updates!)

It's definitely nothing fancy (2007 Chevy Cobalt with about 84k miles), but I really didn't want to spend more than I got from my insurance company to replace my poor beloved Mustang. The new one is 3 years newer than my old car, but there are a few things like manual windows and locks that will take some getting used to! Still, just having a way to get around again is fantastic!

2. In the the past four days, I've taken my car in TWICE to deal with tire issues! I noticed about a week ago when I drove it in the rain for the first time that it was hydroplaning quite a bit. Asked car dudes what was up, and garage dude looked at my tires and told me the back two were in crappy shape - even I could see that one was cracking and wasn't going to last long. (How did I miss this when I bought it?) Luckily, tires for this car are like half the price of what my old ones were, so I was able to put two new tires on and go on my merry way.

Except that things STILL weren't right. So I spent three bucks to buy a tire pressure gague at Target and check the front tire that looked low. Yup, that was it! The tire pressure was at like 21 instead of 31. This led to the comedy of me trying to put air in. First, when on earth did they raise the price of those tire air things from like 10-25 cents to an entire dollar? That's nuts!

Anyway, after totally exhausting myself trying to fill my tire back up (Is it supposed to be THAT HARD? OMG.) I put the little cap back on and spotted... a screw stuck in my tire. Well, that explains a lot! Took my car BACK in, and thankfully the repair was only $10. Not a bad deal, considering hat they also found a nail in the same tire! So basically, my front passenger side tire is my favorite, because it's the only non-troublemaker so far.

3. In non-car news, my mom is back in the hospital. :( She wasn't feeling great most of last week, and was finally feeling so weak that she agreed to go get checked out. The biggest bummer was that it was her birthday! Nothing says birthday fun like pizza followed by calling an ambulance! She's been there for a couple of days, and they're about to move her down to the rehab unit so she can work with physical therapists and get strong enough to move back home in about a week. Whew!

4. After an entire year of saving up all of the Amazon gift cards that I got from doing Swagbucks, Crowdtap, surveys, etc., I finally got a new camera! And yup, paid 100% in Amazon GC's, not a single penny of "real" money. Woohoo!

5. This is turning into a list of stuff I've bought recently, but since my ipod went missing during/after my car accident, I picked a new one up at a pawn shop for $35. It was full of music...

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...mostly country. The only problem is that it's formatted for Mac and I'm on a PC, so I'll have to wipe it before I can sync it with my iTunes. So for now, I've been browsing through the music that's already on it to see if there's anything fun that I haven't heard yet. 

6. I am drinking wine and watching Rachel Maddow while finishing this post up, even though I'm supposed to be working, because it has been that kind of week.

7. I'm planning a quick trip to Savannah, GA the end of next month, so if you've been there, let me know what you consider to be a must-do! 

8. My beloved Moe's has FINALLY opened a location in Branson, so I am totally heading there for dinner after visiting mom in the hospital tomorrow, and I intend to eat all of the salsa and queso they have in the entire place. 

9. I'm reading a book about the making of the Sound of Music, and even though I'm not even 1/4 of the way in yet, I am learning SO MUCH. I really do need to do a book review post soon!

10. Okay, y'all. I'm going to drink this wine and eat Easter candy and work for eleventy billion more hours and watch Maddow interview Elizabeth Warren and finish the Stitch Fix review post that I want to post tomorrow and then maybe nap or something? Sounds like a plan.


Alison Gibb said...

I love your new car and I hope your Mom is doing better!!

Fizzgig said...

Wow! No wonder you're behind on blog updates. Congrats on the new car! I've had tire issues before, they're such a pain!! I've only driven through Savannah but it is GORGEOUS! Have fun!

aquaedenpaige2 said...

That's good you got a car . I can not drive .

Amber Ludwig said...

A+ for drinking wine and blogging!! Makes things way more interesting!! Yay for new car and figuring out the hydroplaning issue because thats super scary!