Thursday, March 05, 2015

Car Shopping? Google your VIN!

Once I finish this whole crazy car shopping shindig, I plan to share what I've learned, but I do have one BIG tip so far!

Nothing fancy, but well within my price range, low miles, and pretty cute other than that red stripe. In fact, the price was a good enough deal that I got suspicious, so I Googled the VIN and found the car's past life...

Yikes! The front was dented in, too, just not quite as much. 

A car's title can be listed as "salvage" for all kinds of reasons, from serious wrecks like this to hail damage that would just cost more to fix than the car is worth. In my experience so far, Googling the car's VIN (it will be listed on any car shopping site) will pull up all kinds of handy info, but I think this is a dramatic example of just HOW handy that info can be! 

Sorry, little Aveo. I don't mind a car with a shady past, but you've just had a little toooo much work done for me!

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Amber Ludwig said...

Great suggestion!! I wouldn't never thought!! Its crazy how well they can fix a car and make it look as tho nothing has ever happened to it!