Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Helping Shelter Cats Find Forever Homes #FoodShelterLove

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Jasper was not this into snuggles when I adopted him as a kitten, but he learned!

As I mentioned last month, Kitten Season is upon us, which means that animal shelters are super busy right now due to the huge number of kittens being brought in. What makes potential pet parents pick one cat over another? Personality is obviously a huge thing - we all want a pet who will be fun and friendly! If you're not up for adopting or fostering a cat yourself, most shelters would love to have you volunteer to spend some time playing with their cats! It can help nervous kitties relax, and teaches kittens how to socialize with humans.

Yes, he likes to wear a coat in the winter. He's a Florida kitty, neither of us are fans of the Missouri cold! Good thing we can cuddle up and keep each other warm!

Did you know that nutrition also plays a big role in making cats more adoptable? It's not something I had ever really thought about, but it makes sense! Cats fed a high quality food are generally going to be healthier, both in terms of appearance and energy, and people looking for a cat to adopt are naturally going to be drawn towards healthy, happy cats! The Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love™ program donates fantastic Hill's pet food to shelters across the country to give shelter pets the top notch nutrition they need to be at their best!

As a sort of sub-category of nutrition, weight also plays a role in which cats are chosen to be adopted. Often, overweight cats are overlooked in favor of cats at a healthy weight. Check out this awesome video that shows how Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight food is being used to help shelter cats find forever homes!


How awesome is that? (I loved the part about all of the cat pics on their phones, by the way - my phone is the same way!) The best part is that using this food to help the cats lose weight is a routine that's super easy for their new adopted family to continue!

Is there an animal shelter near you that you think could benefit by becomoing a part of the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love program? Check out the qualifications they need to meet here, and see if they qualify to join the almost 1,000 shelters across the country that Hill's is already donating food to!

Have you ever adopted a kitty from a shelter, or volunteered at one to help other pets find new homes? I'd love to hear your stories!


Literary Winner said...

Your guy looks like my Daisy! I would love to be a Florida cat LOL

Nancy Loring said...

I have never heard about this program but I will be letting my shelter know about. I have 2 shelter kitties that I have had for 7 years and I have another kitty who adopted us one lucky day.

Alison Gibb said...

All of my kitties have come from shelters. My son worked at the Alliance for Animals in South Boston, MA. It is the only no-kill shelter in Boston. We got are last 2 kitties there!!

Fizzgig said...

I have two cats I adopted as kittens from a shelter. They just turned 10. Holy cow! Sweetest little darlings, although they're not enjoying the shelter dog I got a year ago. LOL!

Diane Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure if my local shelter knows about this program, I'll have to ask. Thanks for passing the info along.

Amber Ludwig said...

I love this!! Shelters are always filled to the brim with the cutest cats around!! Whatever their situation Im glad this program is in place to hopefully help more be adopted!!