Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Things on Wednesday - Volume 37

1. My mom ended up spending three whole weeks in the hospital, mostly in a unit that specializes in helping older patients rehabilitate after an accident or illness. She had seriously fantastic nurses there, and a seriously hot doctor. She still wasn't quite up to moving back home, so she's spending a couple of extra weeks in a nursing home, first. The up side of that is that the nursing home is less than five minutes from my house, while the hospital was about 40 minutes, so I get to spend WAY less time in my car every day now!

2. I'm not a big TV person, but I watched the first few episodes of Younger a few nights ago, and I'm digging it. Glad Sutton Foster has a great new role since Bunheads was canceled. I'm happy that it doesn't conflict with my nightly Chris Hayes/Rachel Maddow habit! (And ooh, I just pulled up their Twitter to steal a pic for this post and saw that they've already been picked up for a 2nd season! Yay!)

3. This month's Stitch Fix box is set to arrive on Thursday! I'm *really* hoping for a box full of things I love this time!

4. I have scored some incredible thrift shop and yard sale deals lately! The church near my house had their annual "super sale", where I scored an amazing cobalt blue dress for $1 on the first day, and then went back for the $2 bag sale on the second afternoon and *totally* cleaned up! Here's what I got for my two bucks:
  • 10 books
  • 2 cds
  • belts
  • A snazzy picture frame
  • Two zippered makeup bags/pouches
  • Several comfy clothing items for mom (I already took them over to the nursing home for her, but I think there were at least 4 or 5?)
  • Around 10 clothing items for me. 
  • This amazing poncho that wont fit over my head:
    Embedded image permalink
  • (I'm thinking about turning it into the lower half of a dress or something equally snazzy!)
5.  2015 is almost 1/3 over. How is this even possible?

6. This weather, y'all. I just want a few good days of hiking weather SO MUCH! Please stop hailing on me, clouds.

7. I do not get the Lily for Target freakout at all. I checked the stuff out online (as I do with every designer collab) and didn't see anything I was interested in. Crazy that people were like, getting into physical fights over dresses! I guess I just don't see the huge appeal in having something that SO many other people have?

8. I started this list on Tuesday morning with grand plans to actually get it up on Tuesday. I'm finishing it up Wednesday night while watching Maddow. (Elizabeth Warren is gonna be on! YAY!) Oops?

9. I mean, the calendar above my bed is still on March, if you want to know how on the ball I have been lately.

10. My new car is fine so far, but oh man do I want another Mustang ASAP. I miss it A LOT.

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