Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cats Get to Be Foodies,Too With Hills Crafted! #InspiredByCrafted

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Sam would love to convince me that all of the critters he sees out the window are "free range and organic!" and would make a great meal. Sorry, Sam! But I promise you'll like this stuff even better!

As a culture, we're pretty food obsessed these days. We check out restaurant reviews online, we Instagram our meals, incorporating ancient grains into our recipes is quite popular, we love to know where our food is sourced from, and seeking out fresh ingredients draws many us out of bed bright and early on weekends to hit up farmers markets. What if we put that level of attention into what we feed our pets, too? The new line of Hill’s® Ideal Balance™ Crafted™ cat food and dog food brings that level of care to food for your pets by making their food in small batches that are less processed.

In short, the new slow cooked cat food is made the way you would if you made cat food cooked at home, with lots of love, great ingredients, and perfectly balanced nutrition, but without all of the work of doing it yourself! Instead, you can kick back and relax, and maybe even pop open a craft beer for yourself when you open a Crafted can of food for your pet, so you can bond over the attention to detail that went into making both things awesome!

You can find the new Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted in bot dry food and wet food formulas, for cats and dogs. We tried out a bag of the dry cat food, which my cats absolutely loved, and I actually just discovered a couple of days ago that Hill's also included some coupons in the box of goodies we received so that I can try the wet food for free, so I'll be picking those up as soon as I can get to a store that carries them! 

I'm actually quite excited to see what my cats think of the Hill's Ideal Balance Crafted wet food because they have interesting flavors like Crafted Salmon Chowder with Quinoa and Crafted Chicken Pot Pie with Buckwheat that sound more like dishes you'd find on an upscale restaurant menu than in a can in the pet food aisle! Every kind of Hill's food we've tried has been a hit, though, so I'll fill you guys in soon on what my cats think of these, too, once we try them!

Have you seen this new line of products from Hill's in stores yet? I'd love to hear about what your pets think if you pick it up! What kind of hand crafted food and drinks are you into for yourself?


aquaedenpaige2 said...

My cat might like this brand of cat food . I'm going to look into this brand and see . thanks for showing me it.

Robert Bradford said...

I'm totally going to get some for my cat!

Amber Ludwig said...

This sounds fantastic!! It's so scary what they put in food for pets these days!! People forget their family members too!!!

LauraJJ said...

Oh that sounds so good! I love that it is wheat free. So true that we really need to start looking at what we feed our pets!

slehan said...

Makes me wish I still had a cat. I'd feed her this.

slehan at juno dot com